Bangladeshi Thrashers Premiered Debut EP Saturday November 4 2017, 3:20 PM
Bangladeshi Thrashers Premiered Debut EP

Sylhet, Bangladesh based thrashers H2SO4 unleashed their debut EP "British Bangla Testament", where they have been very vocal about the miserable incidents that occurred during the British rule in Indian subcontinent.

The band comments "EP – “British Bangla Testament' is lyrically based on British rule over Indian subcontinent and the tragic incidents that took place in between 1905 & 1947, including the forgotten holocaust of Bengal and the colonial depredation that enormously shaped our provinces. Composition wise, the music is having heavy, aggressive and shreddy elements, but we tried to emulate the agony and severe misery of millions throughout our tracks.”

Hailing from Sylhet, H2SO4 was formed in 2011 by Shuvo (vocals/guitar) and Rahul (lead guitarist/backing vocals). Originally kicking their journey off as a heavy metal band, the band later changed their musical direction to more shreddy solo oriented thrash metal sound.

Shortly after their formation, they frequently started appearing in numerous local gigs, and played a major role to enrich the then infertile metal scene of Sylhet and its nearest districts. Their track “Shorod Bihar” was released in a local compilation album Tyrant Shall Fall back in 2015.

Their debut EP British Bangla Testament focuses on the tragic incidents that took place in between 1905 to 1947, a period during the rule by the British Crown in the Indian subcontinent. While the major part of the influences rooted in Bay Area thrash metal masters, H2SO4 has not stayed away from infusing elements from neoclassical, prog, traditional heavy and even technical death metal.

An EP launching gig took place on October 21, 2017 with the supporting live performances from other local acts. The EP was started to get distributed digitally and worldwide from Oct 28, 2017.

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