New Single: The Pauline Principle - Left Behind - (Metalcore) Tuesday September 19 2023, 5:26 PM
New Single: The Pauline Principle - Left Behind - (Metalcore)

Release Date: Oct 13th 2023

FFO: August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Polaris

Location: Germany, Russia, USA

"The Pauline Principle" is a bible reference - "One should never do evil so that good may come." - the end never justifies the means.

"The Pauline Principle" is a metalcore band comprised of members from Germany, Russia, and the United States! Our single goal is to meet for the first time and perform to the world! Having never step foot in the same room, this band bends the "norm" of how you write music as a group! The internet is our rehearsal room. Streaming is our stage. 

Our music is mainly inspired by 2000‘s metalcore icons. Our band formation, however, is meant to forge new paths with synths and SFX by Tobi Weiss, a professional composer of video games music. 

"Left Behind" is a song written from our vocalist Nolan’s perspective. After losing a 18-year friendship due to misunderstandings and differences, Nolan discovered he needed to dig deep and accept that not every friendship lasts forever.

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