SORCERER drops first single “Morning Star” from their forthcoming album “Reign Of The Reaper” Tuesday September 19 2023, 9:01 AM
SORCERER drops first single “Morning Star” from their forthcoming album “Reign Of The Reaper”

Swedish metallers SORCERER releases their new single “Morning Star” to all major digital platforms via Metal Blade records.

Check out the video (directed by Daniel Wahlström-Heavy Groove Media) at:

Morning Star is the opening track of SORCERER’s highly anticipated fourth full-length album entitled “Reign Of The Reaper” which will be out on October 27.

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For the follow up of “Lamenting Of The Innocent” (2020) the Swedes returned to SolnaSound Recordings in Stockholm and once again teamed up with longtime collaborators Simon Johansson (Wolf, Soilwork), Mike Wead (King Diamond), Ronnie Björnström (engineering/ mixing/mastering). Conny Welén, again stepped in as co-producer also playing keyboards and doing backing vocals on the album. Never content with repeating themselves, “Reign Of The Reaper” features some of the darkest, heaviest and most aggressive material the band has ever recorded, and at the same time some of the most lyrical and beautiful.

“Morning Star”, based on the fall of Lucifer, showcases the band’s proficiency in fusing classic metal with other heavy elements with quite a few twists and turns along the way. With a bombastic rhythm section spear headed by Evensand and Biggs, to the melodic and brilliantly executed guitar work of Niemann and Hallgren, culminating with the ferocious Engberg, whose voice soars, Morning Star takes the listener on a relentless journey through the kingdom of Pandemonium and hell itself.

SORCERER will present their new album “Reign Of The Reaper” during a live performance at Hammer of Doom Festival in the Posthalle (Würzburg, Germany) on November 17.

Sorcerer’s “Morning Star” is now streaming on all digital platforms:

Apple Music:
Youtube Music:

Sorcerer line-up:

Anders Engberg, vocals

Kristian Niemann, guitar

Peter Hallgren, guitar

Justin Biggs, bass

Richard Evensand, drums*

Co-production: Conny Welén

Mixing and mastering: Ronnie Björnström

Cover art: Joakim Ericsson

* After recording the album drummer Ricky Evensand has left the band. He has been replaced by Stefan Norgren.

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