"Warriors of Steel": An Epic Symphony of Orchestral Black Metal by Denial of Death Monday September 11 2023, 5:19 PM
"Warriors of Steel": An Epic Symphony of Orchestral Black Metal by Denial of Death

Denial of Death, the Orchestral Black Metal maestros from Germany, have released their most epic single to date, "Warriors of Steel." This self-released symphonic masterpiece promises a unique journey blending gothic influences with old-school Black Metal. It’s a musical feast for fans of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Rotting Christ, Satyricon, and Tristania.

"Warriors of Steel" is a thunderous echo of orchestral instruments and choirs, where the lyrics delve into themes of war, medieval times, resistance, and self-overcoming. These intense themes beautifully harmonize with the band's orchestral approach to Black Metal.

Explaining the natural connection, the band stated, "Epic songs by themselves usually evoke themes of war, battles, and heroism. In literature, for example, one of the greatest epic works of all times is the Iliad, by Homer, whose main theme in the Trojan War. It couldn't be much different in music, so that's a natural fit."

Creating "Warriors of Steel" took two years of meticulous composition and orchestration. The integration of such a vast array of instruments was both challenging and rewarding. Reflecting on the process, the band shared, "I've worked on this song for two years. Its basic structure was ready by the release of the first EP in 2021, but back then I decided not to release it. As a composer, it was really rewarding to write every single instrument of the orchestra. It was somehow challenging to layer so many instruments doing different things at the same time, but in the end everything turned out fine."

Further, they added, "And I think Black Metal is one of the most diverse subgenres in metal, so it was not difficult to bring these orchestral elements into our songs. Many bands had already done that before, so we've walked on a paved path."

The blending of gothic influences with Black Metal required a delicate balance to maintain the band's identity. They acknowledged the potential risks and rewards, saying, "When writing music I try to blend together everything I like. But at the same time our fans expect some consistency, so one of the main challenges is not to be too experimental. I've already seen some bands doing that and going completely astray, and for this reason, I always try to keep the balance, like bringing Gothic influences from the 1990's but without losing our identity."

"Warriors of Steel" has opened new possibilities for Denial of Death, showcasing their capability to push boundaries. Regarding the new release fitting into their discography and evolution, they noted, "'Warriors of steel' is something not completely atypical when compared to our previous singles, which were doom songs. But it's certainly something we had never done before, opening new possibilities. Probably the next album won't sound like it, but it showed us how far we can go with hard work, and that we can push ourselves towards new boundaries."

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Nuremberg, Germany, this single is an invitation to immerse oneself in the expansive and immersive symphony that has redefined orchestral Black Metal. A testament to their innovative approach, it showcases the band's ability to create harmonious and epic music that resonates with the core themes of human resilience and heroism. It’s a symphonic journey that lovers of the genre should not miss.

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