New Single: Angry Corpses - 0 Fucks - (Crossover Thrash Punk) - (Upstate Records NY) Wednesday March 8 2023, 2:51 PM
New Single:  Angry Corpses -  0 Fucks - (Crossover Thrash Punk) - (Upstate Records NY)

Release Date:  March 10th 2023

FFO: Nuclear Assault, MOD, DRI

Location:  NJ


Formed by Method of Destruction (M.O.D) original members, the late Kenny Ballone and Tim McMurtie, Angry Corpses has an established legacy that predates the crossover thrash revolution in the early to mid-1980’s that spawned legendary acts such as Cro-Mags, Leeway and D.R.I.  Ballone and McMurtie put their stamp on the crossover scene with world-renowned M.O.D classic releases such as  “U.S.A for M.O.D” (1987) and “Rhythm of Destruction” (1992) in 1987 and 1992, respectively, on the legendary Megaforce Records.  

Fast-forward to 2016, Ballone and McMurtie finding themselves back together again reunite  and in position to reignite the classic M.O.D sound with a fresh perspective and new attitude.  Adding Primer 55 vocalist Donny Polinske, M.O.D ClassicTK was born. M.O.D ClassicTK went on to release “The Thrash King'' single in 2019 and the “H8” EP in 2021 through Force 5 Records, featuring tracks by legendary scene drummers, Felix Griffin of D.R.I and James DeMaria of Heathen.  

After setting the foundation for this new project, Kenny Ballone and Tim McMurtie decided to return to their roots and resurrect their original band name, Angry Corpses, under the advice of long -time friend, the late Jon Zazula of Megaforce Records.  Sticking to the formula, Angry Corpses once again recruited powerhouse guest drummers Felix Griffin, James DeMaria and now Walter “Monsta” Ryan as well as Murphy Law’s guitarist, Larry “The Hunter” Nieroda to write and record five new tracks for their upcoming, soon- to- be -released EP on New York’s Upstate Records.  In addition, the new EP will feature Adding to the EP, Angry Corpses added guest vocals by hardcore superstar Danny Diablo (Skarhead/Crown of Thronz) and legendary NYC rapper Cappadonna (Wu-Tang Clan).

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