New Promo: VileDriver - The Rest Are Prey - (CDN RECORDS) (Death Metal) Monday February 27 2023, 4:23 PM
New Promo: VileDriver - The Rest Are Prey - (CDN RECORDS) (Death Metal)

Release Date:  Release Date: March 31st, 2023

FFO: Malignancy, Ion Dissonance, Cryptopsy, the Dillinger Escape Plan

Location: Canada

VileDriver's massive second album, following their crushing debut  "Primary" (2017, also from CDN Records). This long-awaited 2023 follow-up solidifies the Canadian band's place as an untouchable metal juggernaut, continuing to challenge listeners world-wide to forget their prior ideals of "Tech Metal". Displaying their developed sound of rich aural landscapes, ever-changing themes, bizarre rhythmic time-signatures, and mind-bending musicianship, they excite the senses of attentive audiophiles in ways that no other band can.

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Band members:  

Dustin Patkai (Vocals)

Chris Sokoloski (Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Aaron Pozzer (Drums)

Credits:   Produced by Eddie Lucciola, 414 Recordings, Mixed/Mastered by Luc Chaisson,  Artwork by Aaron Pozzer (Eikonic Design), music by VileDriver 

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