Nomadic Narwhal - Fathoms - Part III - Abyssal Zone - Reviewed By metal-digest! Thursday January 26 2023, 2:10 PM
Nomadic Narwhal - Fathoms - Part III - Abyssal Zone - Reviewed By metal-digest!

Nomadic Narwhal - Fathoms - Part III - Abyssal Zone - Reviewed By metal-digest ! Check it out here at this link:

Part three of the “Fathoms” series of EP’s takes us to where bioluminescence is the only light to penetrate the claustrophobic darkness, and ice-cold water that only remains fluid due to the immense pressure harbours strange and sometimes terrifying forms of Abyssal life.

“Abyssal” is the subtitle of this instalment, and with opening track “Seamount” the harsh reality of survival; “eat or be eaten”, is laid out plain with a repeated crushing riff leaping out of a tonally dark soundscape. A build to a grand orchestral centre section is quashed by the return of the guitar part and leads straight into the second track, “Abyssal” This track has the feeling of a lush, orchestrated epic in the style of Earthside or Haken, and packs a whole heap of majestic content into a mere 3:33 runtime.

Closing out this third part of the project, “Hadal” brings a move into a more directly cinematic/soundtrack vibe with a linear sense of narrative as we transition from washed out North Atlantic Oscillation/Nordic Giants sludgy stomp of guitar and keys before a brief moment of orchestrated calm proceeds a full-bore assault of stark Post Metal guitar brutality. And in keeping with the first two parts of the series, there is a sudden ending that will certainly lead into the first track of part four, due to be released on New Year’s Eve.

Subjectively less successful as a stand-alone work than its predecessors “Abyssal” is still a hugely impressive evocation of a strange and terrifying world just 10,000 feet away, below the waves. It does somewhat suffer by having the feel of being exactly what it is; a small part of something bigger. When taken as part of the whole series it will certainly sit as an essential piece is a grand sonic puzzle. - metal-digest

Release Date: 11/11/22

FFO: Devin Townsend, Amon Amarth, Nightwish

Location: Dayton, Ohio

For more than just ocean lovers, Nomadic Narwhal takes a new path in sonic storytelling. With a cocktail of modern metal, underwater sound design, and cinematic drama; Nomadic takes you on a journey from the beaches to parts unknown. While keeping plenty of room open to interpretation, it is clear that this is not a guided tour. This is an oceanic odyssey shared between artist and listener.

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About Fathoms:

Fathoms is a four part concept album exploring the different atmospheric zones in the ocean. Starting from the surface and ranging to the sea floor, each pelagic zone has its own curiosities and mystique. In short, Nomadic dedicates 3 songs per zone to musically capture the atmospheres encountered on a journey from topside to the deepest chasms of the ocean. 

Part III - Abyssal Zone (Abyssopelagic Zone) is inspired by the crushing pressure, pitch black, and desolate landscapes found at 5000m below the surface.


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