Eldfaerd - Skymningsland - Reviewed By rockportaal! Thursday January 26 2023, 1:14 PM
Eldfaerd - Skymningsland - Reviewed By rockportaal!

Eldfaerd - Skymningsland - Reviewed By rockportaal ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.rockportaal.nl/eldfaerd-skymningsland/

On their EP Skymningsland from the end of last year, Eldfaerd combines melodic, blackened pagan with folk metal and elements of death. This band hails from the north of Sweden and released its debut single just last year.

The lyrics rely heavily on local mythology, but the lyrics are in Swedish and that may be a barrier for Dutch fans of the genre, while it can be an added value for others. Eldfaerd has a singer in the band, but their trademark is the harmony vocals and the choirs. They give the tracks a certain charm and authenticity.

There are four songs on this EP and opening track Själafrid (peace of mind) appeals to me the most, with hints of Alvenrad and Heidevolk. This song has that typical harmony vocals and a lot of folk elements. Title track Skymmingsland (twilight land) opens furiously, as if the band wants to rival Amon Amarth here, but then changes into more melodic folk.

Djupa Skogars Hav (Sea of ​​Deep Woods) is again built on that characteristic harmony vocals and is strongly melodic, with the guitars clearly subordinate at times. The aggressive guitars and grunts get their revenge on Huldran (a mythical creature from Scandinavian folklore). This track gets an 'epic' six minutes and that's just right to keep it all exciting.

Eldfaerd intrigues with his approach and his own blend in a genre where you would expect everything has been tried before. - rockportaal

Release Date: 23rd of December 2022

FFO: Månegarm, Amon Amarth and Insomnium.

Location: Östersund/ Sweden

Short Bio: Hailing from Östersund in the Northland of Sweden. With members from Myrah and Shikaka, Eldfaerd welcomes you on a journey through old norse sagas and other folktales, filled with mythical beasts, creatures, and great adventures. The sagas are told in their own unique ways with heavy guitars, symphonic might, thunderous drums, and emotional voices.


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