New Promo: Hellz - Warrior - (Hard Rock, Blues) Tuesday January 24 2023, 9:51 PM
New Promo: Hellz - Warrior - (Hard Rock, Blues)


Rarely, amongst the heavily condensed music scene of today, you will come across an artist that writes, plays, sings, produces and masters their own music and music videos. Lisa Perry, better known as 'Hellz' lead vocalist of Hellz Abyss is the embodiment of that rarity. Hellz is sharing with her fans worldwide a powerful solo release 'Warrior'. Warrior the first hard rock single off Perry's well anticipated solo album entitled 'Warrior', out February 2nd 2023.

 Lisa Perry is known as a force to be reckoned with, a force that won't be put down. Being an abuse survivor herself, Perry advocates strength and positivity to her listeners worldwide through her music, in a way only Hellz can. Warrior encompasses every bit of the resilience, enlightenment and courage it takes to survive our darkest moments. 

The single and album 'Warrior' is a must listen for hard rock fans globally. A true powerhouse piece of music that catches your ear, grabs you by the horns and takes you deep into the battle of your own demon's whilst you chant along to the driven chorus 'I'm a fighter, A WARRIOR!
Lisa Perry has taken on the challenge to fearlessly stand alone in a music industry that told her she couldn't, an industry that tried to rip her apart.

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In Lisa Perry's own words she reminds us,
"Be strong, be brave, you will be victorious."
"Warrior is a song that gets into your soul and lifts you." "It reminds you to fight on".

The album WARRIOR will be available to download from all major music streaming services February 2nd, 2023. CDS are available from 

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