The Black Dahlia Murder, Khemmis & Trappist Added to Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles Monday July 16 2018, 12:00 AM
The Black Dahlia Murder, Khemmis & Trappist Added to Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles

Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles, set for December 1 and 2 at the Wiltern, welcomes American melodic death metal kingpins The Black Dahlia Murder , doom n rollers Khemmis and craft beer-obsessed extreme metal veterans Trappist to an already-stacked bill. Decibel Metal & Beer Fest veterans Three Weavers also join the breweries attending. And there's still a final round of bands and breweries to be revealed in August!
Headliners already include thrash legends  Testament , who will play a special set of  both  their classic  The New Order  and  The Gathering  records in full, along with the Tom Gabriel Fischer-led  Triptykon   performing a special all- Celtic Frost  set. Grind heroes  Pig Destroyer ,   revered   doom trio  YOB ,   new thrash gods  Power Trip ,   death metal upstarts  Skeletal Remains ,   Bay Area bruisers  Necrot  and   heavy metal   new jacks  Haunt  round out the band lineup.
“I’m sure we’ll see fans travel from all corners of the planet to witness this heavily overdue set!” exclaims Testament guitarist Eric Peterson. “Get your tickets quick! You won’t wanna miss this event. A gathering of the new order is upon us!”
Not to be outdone, the country’s most metal breweries will converge in a maelstrom of malt madness! Featured breweries  Phantom Carriage ( CA ), Three Weavers ( CA and Weyerbacher  (PA) will be joined by flagship breweries  Three Floyds  (IN),  TRVE  (CO),  Brash   (TX),  Adroit Theory  (VA),  Burial  (NC),  Hoof Hearted  (OH),  Societe  (CA), Lef t Hand Brewing  (CO)  Hydra Brewing  (SD) and  Wayfinder  ( OR), while  Wake  (IL) and  Black Sands  (CA) will make their first Decibel Metal & Beer Fest pours. And just like when the musicians in the night’s best bands hang out before and after their sets, the metalheads that make these skull-crushing high-gravity beers will be headbanging along during the festivities, ready to toast exclusive samples and, of course, talk metal  and  beer. 
Special discounted early-bird weekend “Metal & Beer” tickets, entitling attendees to pours from each of the attending breweries all weekend long, are on sale now!


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