CREEPY LITTLE THINGS - Fallen Angel - Reviewed By Metal Division Magazine! Wednesday September 14 2022, 8:14 PM
CREEPY LITTLE THINGS - Fallen Angel - Reviewed By Metal Division Magazine!

CREEPY LITTLE THINGS - Fallen Angel - Reviewed By Metal Division Magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

Loved for the innovative, courageous, uncompromising and crazy, or hated for the incomprehensible, disharmonious and exhausting dare CREEPY LITTLE THINGS

Step to the music controversy and bring out "Fallen Angel". CREEPY LITTLE THINGS incorporate their compositions with a wide variety of musical building blocks and thus achieve a wide range of moods. They indulge in their experimentation with a lot of joy, heart and blood and produce a work with great attention to detail that is timeless with its sound. They love to play with contrasts and pursue a skilful light-shadow / static-dynamic strategy in order to construct the opposite to a disharmonious, yet inseparable whole.

Sometimes the sound particles float out of the speakers like fog to groove powerfully at another point. With traction and yet extraterrestrial, CREEPY LITTLE THINGS play far forward with set pieces of the past and modern sound and even reach into the future. All compositions captivate with an incredible tension that builds up in them and then suddenly discharges. Powerful yet gentle, intricate yet catchy, chaotic yet in order, sick but beautiful! CREEPY LITTLE THINGS only set their own limits. - Metal Division Magazine

Release Date: 7/31/2022

FFO: Marilyn Manson, Alice In Chains, HIM

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Short Bio: Creepy Little Things is the passion of front man and songwriter Scotty Damned, the noted guitarist of bands like industrial legends Lockjaw and alternative metal band Atrocity Addiction. Mixing elements of gothic rock, hard rock and metal, industrial, hip-hop, and pop, the band’s music weaves a unique tapestry of song and emotion with this debut album.

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