Gorge Of War (Netherlands) - Black Webs And Angelsex - Reviewed By BRUTALISM! Sunday August 21 2022, 2:55 PM
Gorge Of War (Netherlands) - Black Webs And Angelsex - Reviewed By BRUTALISM!

Gorge Of War (Netherlands) - Black Webs And Angelsex - Reviewed By BRUTALISM ! Check it out here at this link: https://brutalism.com/review/Gorge-Of-War---Black-Webs-And-Angelsex

Black Webs And Angelsex is the first official full length for this Netherlands one man band Gorge Of War. A project by MVG that deals with all the instruments. We know practically nothing about this character if not about his militancy in the metal field since 1999. 

"Black Webs And Angelsex" comes only one year after the EP "Caverns Of The Slime", 8 tracks that cover a certain black / death old school of clear Scandinavian mold. In many tracks the reference to a certain form of "Blizzard Beast" (Immortal) with dark and old school shades emerges from a sound that in itself travels quite direct and without many facets. 

'Skullfuck Daughter Zion' and the subsequent 'A Spectacle Of Lifelong Trauma' perfectly idealize the musical mood of this one man band. 'Circus Noir' is very reminiscent of some passages so dear to the old Bathories... Here we are practically immersed in the glorious sound of the late 80s, early 90s. 

Overall we have a well-structured work, well-made but not able to give us anything new. It must simply be accepted for its genuineness and spontaneity. An album certainly dictated by the sensations felt by the musician who hides behind this project. It is an album that must be listened to with the mind and eyes open. Songs like 'Rattus Sum' will convince you of the potential of this project. - BRUTALISM

Release Date: June 3, 2022

FFO: Nunslaughter, Sacrofago, Archgoat

Location: Netherlands

Short Bio: Gorge of War is the solo project of MVG, a metal musician active since 1999. Musically this one man band is strongly rooted in no-nonsense back/death metal of primarily the Finnish and Swedish kind. Gorge of War advocates intolerance towards humankind.

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The album will be released in a beautiful Digi sleeve and as a tape (limited to 30 copies).

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