Icreatedamonster - Blisstonia - Reviewed By 195metalcds! Monday August 15 2022, 6:53 PM
Icreatedamonster - Blisstonia - Reviewed By 195metalcds!

Icreatedamonster - Blisstonia - Reviewed By 195metalcds ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.195metalcds.com/2022/07/04/icreatedamonster-blisstonia-2022/

Progressive metalcore band Icreatedamonster hail from Perth, Australia, the desire of guitarist/vocalist Jordan Theseira’s desire to incorporate soaring choruses and filthy breakdowns within the complex melodic and rhythmic framework associated with the big names of progressive metal and prog rock.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say. While I was scrolling through a backlog of album and EP review submissions, it was the cover that caught my attention. Now that is interesting! I clicked the YouTube video to get a quick sample of Icreatedamonster. “Spaceship to Blisstonia!”, the opening track of their new EP Blisstonia. An immediate YES!

“Spaceship to Blisstonia!” (track 1) burns from the start. A frantic, twisting riff with recognisable metalcore vocals barked over the top of the start-stop Meshuggah-style breaks. This is heavy and just the right flavour of melodic and progressive enough to take it to interesting places. What a fabulous start!

“Red label” (track 2) opens with something that could easily be found pumping from the dance clubs. Until it takes a sudden metal/punk slant and pulls everything into the dark. But that groove! I love music that disregards boundaries like this.

The deceptive sounds-like-you’re-standing-outside-a-pop-concert opening of “Crescent” (track 3) quickly gives way to a churning, trobbling riff that starts and stops giving the track space to breathe. While the chorus is melodic and wistful, the song ends in a flurry of shouted vocals and thrashing guitars.

“Wildfire” (track 4) picks up where track 3 left off. The half-shouted vocals, funnily enough, reminded me of the late, great Keith Flint from The Prodigy and Flint. The song flip-flops between full-on metalcore barks and blasts with a more laidback melody, before exploring some twisted musical wasteland and circling back again. Good stuff!

The opening to “False gods” (track 5) has a fabulously bouncy groove and some of the most far-out synchopated beats of the EP. Think metalcore Meshuggah. Like many of the songs before it, Icreatedamonster have built some space into this song to let it breahe, to allow it to explore and expand, and the song is richer for this.

And so to the quiet, reflective opening to EP closer “Eulogy” (track 6). It doesn’t stay that way for more than a few seconds, but its enough to draw a line and create an expectation for the beautifully fragile song that follows which ebbs and flows between light and dark, loud and quiet, clean and dirty vocals. There is an emotive dynamic that drives the song forward and leaves you wanting more.

And wanting more, I am. When I started this project, I had only one metalcore album in my collection, from How to Kill a Zombie featuring the fabulously talented Chris Marr. I now have ten and with each… am I warming to the genre or is the quality simply getting better? This is definitely up there among my favourites. Progressive metalcore Icreatedamonster from Australia, you’ve found yourself a new fan—this is an exciting slab of metal, infused with creativity, passion and downright humanity. More please…

Review score: 95% - 195metalcds

Release Date: 21st June 2022

FFO: Veil Of Maya, Erra, Polaris 

Location: Perth, Australia

Short Bio: Created in the depths of Perth, as a product of Guitarist/Vocalist Jordan desire to incorporate soaring choruses and filthy breakdowns with the complex melodic and rhythmic content associated with the big names of Progressive Metal/Rock. Their line-up consists of Jordan Hood (Vocals), Jordan Theseira (Guitar/Vocals), Jarred Carey (Bass), Will Hunt (Drums) and Jon Flynn (Guitar).

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