Forever Reigning (Compilation) - A Tribute To Slayer - Reviewed By 195metalcds! Wednesday August 3 2022, 10:21 PM
Forever Reigning (Compilation) - A Tribute To Slayer - Reviewed By 195metalcds!

Forever Reigning (Compilation) - A Tribute To Slayer - Reviewed By 195metalcds ! Check it out here at this link:

Do you remember where you were when you first heard Slayer? For me, it was 1987 in a Baptist church basement on a Scripture Union summer camp in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear (northeast of Newcastyle-upon-Tyne). On an afternoon exploring the town, my friend Dave returned with a 12″ vinyl copy of Slayer’s third album, Reign in Blood (1986). As we were the senior pupils on the camp, we were allowed to stay up late and listen to music on a battered old turntable in the church basement. I still remember how blown away I was by this raw agression. It was brutal, precise and to that 15-year-old very exciting. I got into Slayer immediately, soaked up Show No Mercy (1983) and Hell Awaits (1985) and saw Slayer live on their South of Heaven tour in 1988, supported by Nuclear Assault. - 195metalcds

Release Date: 4/29/22

FFO: Slayer, Pantera, Lamb Of God

Forever Reigning – A Tribute To Slayer is the debut release from Satyrn Studios’ bringing together talented underground bands to honour the thrash metal titans. Featuring twelve of SLAYER’s best tracks covered by an array of up-and-coming metal acts, the new record is a celebration of heavy metal.

Executive Producer of Satyrn Studios Jay Reiter comments:

“As a fan this is a really big deal for me. It’s been fun and challenging to both learn the songs I did, but also put my own twist onto the songs [while] keeping it true to the original source material. As a business owner, this is my first major album drop. I’m learning a lot about the music industry, as well as the recording industry. I’m really excited to see where this album takes me!”

The metal giants helped to define the genre with their brutal assault on the heavy music world. Over their long-spanning career, they have been highly influential to musicians, bands and metal fans all around the globe. Forever Reigning demonstrates an intense passion for heavy music, with each track fusing the sheer power of SLAYER’s sound with the distinctive style of each guest band. From the iconic dark, haunting mood of “South of Heaven” with an enhanced demonic edge from SKROG, to EULOGY IN BLOOD’s brutal reimagining of “Bloodline”, to SKULL FUCKERS INCORPORATED’s ruthless rendition of “Raining Blood”, each cover packs a heavy punch.

Forever Reigning – A Tribute To Slayer is a dynamic collaboration drawing artists together through their adoration of SLAYER’s work. It’s a hard-hitting record, embodying the crushing sound that went onto inspire generations, a dynamic tribute to SLAYER’s continuing legacy. - Kick Ass Forever !


‘South Of Heaven’ – Skrog
‘Show No Mercy’ – Disinter
‘Expendable Youth’ – Distal Descent
‘Dead Skin Mask’ – Skull Fuckers Incorporated
‘Bloodline’ – Eulogy On Blood
‘Delusions Of Savior’ – Distal Descent
‘Mandatory Suicide’ – Distal Descent
‘Disorder’ – SloKill
‘At Dawn They Sleep’ – Overt Enemy
‘Spill The Blood’ – Bloat Toad
‘Divine Intervention’ – Skrog
‘Raining Blood’ – Skull Fuckers Incorporated

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