SEEP Release Song Visualizer for "Gorging on the Gutpile" Thursday June 30 2022, 3:05 PM
SEEP Release Song Visualizer for "Gorging on the Gutpile"

One-man death/doom project SEEP has released a song visualizer for "Gorging on the Gutpile," taken from its full-length debut, Hymns to the Gore

The video features a minute-and-a-half intro that's as disturbing as the song itself. Check it out now at


Hailing from the rural countryside of Maine, SEEP mastermind Vomitus set out to expand upon his 2020 demo by adding elements of goregrind and brutal death to an already violent doom/death foundation. The end result is eight depraved offerings of unfettered, old-school brutality. 

SEEP will release Hymns to the Gore on vinyl, CD, and digital formats via Extremely Rotten Productions on July 8. Gurgling Gore Records will release the album on cassette.

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Morbidly Obese
Jigsaw Facefuck
Addicted to Rancidity
Horrific Fetal Mutation
Gorging on the Gutpile
Pedophile Genitalia Removal
Encased in Shit
Swimming in Sewage
Music on Hymns to the Gore was written, performed and recorded by Vomitus. “Jigsaw Facefuck” features guest vocals by Brennen Westermeyer (FLUIDS). Guest guitar solos on “Addicted to Rancidity” and “Encased in Shit” were performed by Daniel Bonofiglio (FUMES/GUTVOID).

SEEP is:
Vomitus – guitar, bass, drums, and vocals

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