Vakaren - Infernum - Reviewed By Metal Division Magazine! Tuesday October 25 2022, 5:53 PM
Vakaren - Infernum - Reviewed By Metal Division Magazine!

Vakaren - Infernum - Reviewed By Metal Division Magazine ! check it out here at this link:

Already after the first sounds of "Abandoned Seed Of Light" the jaws drop properly. VAKAREN harmoniously mix fragments of dark Black Metal frenzy, complex and at the same time epically majestic melodies into an original mixture. And despite all the complexity and dynamics, the melody always remains organic, the extravagant staging bewitches with its simple beauty, the high artistic musicality is packaged in a way that is useful to the song. The single features the classic "Abandoned Seed Of Light" and "The Personification Of Time & Dust", which lies between blast beats and an epic atmosphere. An extraordinary work! - Metal Division Magazine

Release Date: 10/28/22

FFO: Leviathan, Gaerea, Sanguine Relic

Location: Sweden/USA

Vakaren began as a raw/depressive Black Metal project from a town not far from Stockholm, Sweden. The project's influences range from Black Metal projects such as Beketh Nexehmu to Post-Punk projects like She Past Away. The band released its first demo in early 2017 which was later followed by the release of the band's first full-length Aeternum, released by Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions. Aeternum paved the way for the band's current sound. Aggressive, violent, and atmospheric are words that have been commonly used to describe Vakaren's sound and visuals. 

Ethereal was released on July 28th, 2021 by Witch Cult Records after a slew of EPs and demos released by the band. The band's second full-length drove Vakaren's iconic sound into new soundscapes and incorporated a wide variety of genres into their sound, ranging from Electronic to Death Metal. The underground success of Ethereal gave credence to Vakaren's unique and sometimes progressive approach to a genre saturated with trend followers and copycats.

Infernum marks the end of a trilogy of albums that Vakaren has been working on for nearly 6 years now. The album promises to be the most cohesive representation of Vakaren's sound. From the energetic and violent "Oh What Horrors Await Us All" to the horror driven dirge "The Antediluvian Reign" Vakaren proudly presents itself as an enigmatic and malevolent force in the Black Metal scene.

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