WASTED (Denmark) - The Haunted House - Reviewed By Metal Temple! Friday June 10 2022, 3:09 PM
WASTED (Denmark) - The Haunted House - Reviewed By Metal Temple!

WASTED (Denmark) - The Haunted House - Reviewed By Metal Temple ! Check it out here at this link: http://www.metal-temple.com/site/catalogues/entry/reviews/cd_3/w_2/wasted-the-haunted.htm

WASTED have been rocking the depths of Denmark since the early 80’s. With a couple of hiatuses in their history they have since returned in their current form in 2013. Since their conception there has been approximately 4 full length studio releases, with the most recent “The Haunted House” released earlier this year in March being the subject of this review. The artwork is fairly nondescript, with the album title being reimagined in the artwork, but nonetheless is will fit into anyone’s library perfectly.

Opening is the titular “The Haunted House”. The guitars come in with ethereal tones, creating this eerie ghoulish atmosphere, coupled with whispered voices in the back tracking this effect was really well deployed. But the full bodied driving music was just an absolute joy to hear, as all instruments came together to deliver an impactful and memorable firs track. “Mr. Black” continues this through, thick riffs and tenacious rhythms drive the record forwards at an untiring pace. “Watch Out”, “Nailed To The Cross” and “Coffin Maker” keep their foot on the gas to drive this record forwards.

“Metal Snack” takes a slightly different style to the fore, and what really brings me some joy is that I can just see the fans in a crowd singing this track in an anthem like manner. But more than anything else, just listen to that bass line, it is utter FILTH! Claus take a fucking bow man, one of the highlights of the record for me! “Resurrection” takes a slight change again, but the chorus is still just begging to be screamed by a venue full of fans. With that breakdown building to an uncontrollable eruption, I mean, even sat at my desk it made me want to just get up and throw shit around the room, much to my partner’s despair!

“Candy Cane” and “Attack” both had some amazing instrumental intros, but the music kind of just fell back into the blueprint that has been used throughout the record. I was slightly disappointed, mainly with “Candy Cane” as I was hoping for a slightly more stripped back and vulnerable piece, just to mix it up a little bit. However, for the finale… If you listen to nothing else on this record, be sure to check out “The King”. It takes EVERYTHING that is so good about this album and processes it into one 5 minute display of the multi-faceted skills of WASTED.

Overall, this was a fantastic album. Full of hard hitting, high energy and electric Heavy Metal that even the grizzliest elitist couldn’t deny just oozes talent. The record flowed seamlessly from start to end and just really boosted my day listening to it. It’s definitely hitting my gym playlist! - Metal Temple

Release Date: March 25, 2022

FFO: Martyr, King Diamond, Eternal Champion

Location: Denmark

“The Haunted House” is the fourth album release from the Danish old school heavy metal band Wasted - probably the oldest heavy metal band in the Kingdom of Denmark since 1981.
With this new powerful and energetic ten track heavy metal release, “The Haunted House”, Wasted has been aiming for more sound, greater depth and many more details to the writing of the songs to compliment the horror stories and dark lyrics which defines this album release. The last track on the album “The King” is, however, from 1984 and has now been turned into an extended version with a whole lot of Denmark´s finest and prettiest lead guitar players showing off their “skills that kills”, bringing this song into the new Millennium in the most virtuosic way. It is obvious that the present line-up is by far the strongest and most powerful in the long history of the band, and with the release of “The Haunted House” Wasted are claiming their position as one of the currently hardest rocking bands in Denmark! 

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1. The Haunted House 
2. Mr. Black
3. Watch Out
4. Nailed To The Cross
5. Coffin Maker
6. Metal Snack
7. Resurrection
8. Candy Cane 
9. Wasted Attack
10. The King


M. Sonne – Vocal
Thomas Pede - Guitar
Jimi Hansen - Guitar
Alex Mars - Drums
C. Jepsen - Bass

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