NICARUS Welcome Her Fans And Supporters To Watch And Take Part - Featured At Dequeruza ! Thursday April 28 2022, 11:42 PM
NICARUS Welcome Her Fans And Supporters To Watch And Take Part - Featured At Dequeruza !

NICARUS Welcome Her Fans And Supporters To Watch And Take Part - Featured At Dequeruza ! Check it out here at this link:

NICARUS is done writing her third studio album and her first SPLIT album ever and she welcomes her fans and supporters to watch and take part in the drum recordings for this album "Sipapu"!

As she revealed, "Sipapu" Is the title of her next creation and is going to be a split album with twelve songs running from three minutes to ten minutes each and will be Nicarus first split album! She also revealed that this split will have two sides:  "The Stone Buddha" side & "The Golden Buddha" side. Each side has its own story and a promise for a spiritual revelation as you travel from one side of to the other! From the underworld back to heaven on earth and again, as 'Sipapu' means the hole in the ground where the souls came back from the underworld. The entire creation mixes different genres from dark and heavy music featuring loud guitars, whispers, growls, doomy / sweet instrumentals, post-rock sounds, and many more surprises! 

For her second time, this is a global collaboration with two of the best musicians in the heavy music world! Joining her on this ride will be some surprise drummers to be announced soon!

.  The engineer - Sanford Parker will be the Drum technician and that's not all....

She plans on recording this in the legendary Steve Albini studios - Electrical Audio where the best drums known to men (and women) have ever been recorded! The list includes Nirvana, Pixies, Jesus Lizard, Slint, and a million other bands and records. You can join her on this ride and buy the record in advance! The money will go entirely to the creation expenses of studio time and paying for the team! Nicarus offers different "gifts" for supporting this album. All kinds of merch and even the chance to join them in the studio as they record! Fans will get to ask questions and take part of it! For her biggest supporters she even offers fans the opportunity to add their names on the album credits and get mentioned in the press once this album is out.

So, get your tickets to the best show in town and watch her as she cooks for you one of Nicarus most promising creations so far. Go here to this link

הקלטת תופים - ניקרוס (

Also check her out on Spotify and add to your playlists!

More info here at this link:

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