Forever Falling - Suspended Over The Immanent - Reviewed At Redazione Italia di Metallo! Thursday April 28 2022, 10:08 PM
Forever Falling - Suspended Over The Immanent - Reviewed At Redazione Italia di Metallo!

Forever Falling - Suspended Over The Immanent - featured At Redazione Italia di Metallo ! Check it out here at this link:

Forever Falling is a Death/Doom Metal band born in 2020. The members, based in Italy and the USA, are strongly influenced by historical bands such as: Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Swallow the Sun. Ours, through the MSH Music Group label, give us a work of great depth and high talent; in fact, Forever Falling are not limited to tracing the historical bands but know how to be truly personal.

Let's go into detail in their album that takes the name of "Suspended Over The Immanent". The initial "Bleed is Floor" is a magnificent introduction where the Gothic and Baroque atmospheres are in remarkable evidence. A sweet piano creates a sound carpet of great intensity where magical keyboards, accompanied by a melancholic violin, create a song with strong emotions. Even if it's just an intro, you could listen to it for hours and, in some ways, it reminded me of certain Ulver experiments.

"Dark friend" and "Nightmare" are two songs of the highest level where emerges, in addition to the excellent compositional ability, the pure darkness of the genre. Ours are not limited only to reproducing rocky riffs and the aftertaste of the best school of the 90s (My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost in the first place) but insert clean interludes of the highest level. The clean sounds of "Dark Friend" are as inspired as those of "Nightmare". Of this last song it is worth mentioning the disturbing recited accompaniment by arpeggios that seem to come out of a parallel world. Exceptional song that not only shows the skill of the singer in changing vocal setting in individual compositions, but also highlights the high level of the musicians of Forever Falling.

Slow and decadent is the following "My Tears My Life" where a hard and Sabbathian riff follows a desperate and evil singing as never before. Song that is never trivial that knows how to draw the lesson from the past. Inspired by the guitar solo accompanied by the clistallini sounds of clean guitars.

"I Will Never sleep" is a very hard and very slow song where the evil one seems to penetrate our listening ears. The keyboards, intersected with the heavy riffs, enrich the song creating a successful song that knows how to mix more atmospheres that are congenial to the genre played. The ending is chilling! Outstanding clean keyboard and guitar!

The lysergic despair of "Only Emptiness" enters, with great grip and ease, in our minds. The angry singing is combined with melodies of great intensity creating a very particular song with great charm. Impossible not to think of the best Katatonia.

The reflective and metallic atmospheres of "To Die in Silence" take us back to the very first The Gathering (those of "Always"). Excellent compendium between Death/Doom and Gotich metal. What is most striking, within the individual songs, is the level of sound refinement; in fact, the hardest and most brutal parts and the sweetest / most delicate ones, in addition to being well composed, are truly inspired and functional to the artistic spirit of the compositions.

To conclude the progressive "Dark Painting of the I".

I use the term progressive not to mention the genre itself but to highlight the changes in atmospheres that Forever Falling know how to insert within the songs.

Magnificent album that will be loved by lovers of the genre. - Redazione Italia di Metallo

Release Date: November 27

FFO: Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Swallow the Sun

Forever Falling is a Death Doom Metal band that was formed in 2020. With members based in the USA and Italy. Heavily influenced by Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Swallow the Sun.

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Track Listing:
1. Bless This Floor
2. Dark Friend
3. Nightmare
4. My Tears My Life
5. I Will Never Sleep
6. Only Emptiness
7. To Die In Silence
8. Dark Painting of the I

John Suffering (Chalice of Suffering / Solemn Echoes) - Vocals
Tullio Carleo (Voyage Noir) - Drums / Guitars / Bass / Keyboards



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