10,000 Years Set To Release Debut Album - "II" June 25th Sunday April 25 2021, 3:50 PM
10,000 Years Set To Release Debut Album - "II" June 25th

The album was recorded in the legendary Studio Sunlight with the equally legendary Tomas Skogsberg manning the controls.

The album will be released on vinyl by underground heavyweigths Interstellar Smoke Records with a CD-edition and digital coming from Death Valley Records. Additionally there will be two different cassette editions from Ogo Rekords and Olde Magick Records respectively.

FFO: High On Fire, Black Tusk, The Sword, Kylesa, Mastodon

10,000 Years
Crushing stonermetal from Västerås, Sweden

Having previously played together in the original lineup of Swedish underground heavyweights Pike, Erik Palm (Guitars) and Alex Risberg (Bass/vocals) found their way back to each other, musically, in early 2020. The creative fire reignited and stoked to a burning inferno and through a mutual love of heavy riffs and thundering stonerrock, doom- and sludge metal, 10,000 Years was born.
Finding a drummer would prove to be an easy task and with Espen Karlse the final piece lay firmly in place. The groove they fell into during the first rehearsal hasn’t stopped rumbling since.
After spending the first half of 2020 writing and rehearsing, 10,000 Years recorded their selftitled debut EP during one weekend in June in the legendary Studio Sunlight with equally legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg. The selftitled EP was released on July 10th 2020 and immediately struck a chord with the heavy underground worldwide and 10,000 Years garnered rave reviews and accolades.
Now, less than a year after their first release 10,000 Years are back with their first full length effort, aptly titled “II”. Picking up right where the EP left off, “II” continues the story of the ill-fated Albatross-mission and its exploration of time and space through a skullcrushing mixture of stonerrock, doom- & sludge metal. The album will no doubt continue to build on 10,000 Years already golden reputation and prove to be an even bigger hit with the heavy masses.

"II" will be available on CD, vinyl and all major digital platforms on June 25th, 2021

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