Max Cavalera - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Sunday April 24 2022, 4:00 PM
Max Cavalera - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

'Max Cavalera' joins The Zach Moonshine Show, to talk about the new tour "Return Beneath Arise", 'Sepultura', 'Soulfly', 'Go Ahead And Die' and much more! We play music from Nailbomb, Killer Be Killed, Body Count, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Sepultura, Go Ahead And Die, Exodus, Pelvic Meatloaf, Brutal Death Fuck, Acid Witch, Hierarchy, Abysmal Grief, and Pentagram!

Track List:

1 - Wasting Away/Vai Toma No Cu/Guerrillas - Nailbomb
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Dream Gone Bad - Killer Be Killed
4 - All Love Is Lost - Body Count
5 - Eye For An Eye (feat. Dino Cazares & Burton C. Bell)/Bleed (feat. Fred Durst & DJ Lethal)/Umbabarauma (feat. Los Hooligans) (Jorge Ben Jor cover) - Soulfly
6 - Impalement Execution/Spectral War/Killing Inside - Cavalera Conspiracy
7 - Max Cavalera Interview
8 - Inner Self/Dead Embryonic Cells/Orgasmatron (Remastered) - Sepultura
9 - Truckload Full of Bodies/Toxic Freedom/I.C.E. Cage - Go Ahead And Die
10 - Blacklist - Exodus
11 - Built To Endure/SkullCrusher - Pelvic Meatloaf
12 - The Devils Whiskey/Alcohol - Remastered/Sodomized on the Crucifix - Brutal Death Fuck
13 - You're Melting/Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown - Acid Witch
14 - On Burning Wings I Fall - Hierarchy
15 - Funeral Cult - Abysmal Grief
16 - Pentagram - When The Screams Come/Be Forewarned

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Max and Iggor Cavalera are celebrating the classic Sepultura albums Beneath the Remains and Arise with a 2022 US tour. Billed as the “Return Beneath Arise” tour, the outing will see the founding Sepultura members playing a hybrid setlist of tracks from their iconic 1989 and 1991 LPs.Mar 8, 2022



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