Dystopia A.D. (melodic death metal) release new single "Plaguebringers" Wednesday May 6 2020, 3:36 PM
Dystopia A.D. (melodic death metal) release new single "Plaguebringers"

Melodic death metal band Dystopia A.D. are now streaming their stunning new track "Plaguebringers" via Metalbite. The song is from their upcoming album "Rise of the Merciless" which will be out on July 31st.

Listen to the song here:  https://metalbite.com/ news/12209/mb-premiere- dystopia-ad-plaguebringers

Pre-order:  https://dystopiaad. bandcamp.com/album/rise-of- the-merciless

Dystopia A.D. are:
Chris Whitby - vocals / guitar / bass

Aki Shishido - lead guitar



1. Red Sand

2. Nomad

3. Plaguebringers

4. Rise of the Merciless

5. Sisyphean Existence

6. Grave Pact

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