RIP my friend, my bro! Jeff Sundholm AKA DJ Rage! Friday April 22 2022, 10:31 AM
RIP my friend, my bro! Jeff Sundholm AKA DJ Rage!

RIP my friend, my bro! Jeff Sundholm AKA DJ Rage! One of the best radio DJ's I have ever known! This is a huge loss for Metal Devastation Radio. A huge loss for the radio world in general and a huge loss loss to the underground metal community. A huge loss to his family and friends which he was all about! You had a big heart even though you came across to most as a tough guy which I am sure you were hahah but I know if you cared about someone you made sure they knew it! I guess the same goes for the other end of that... You were just extreme! You took me under your wing in the early days and taught me so much about djing and internet radio. It was an honor to work alongside you at MHR and MDR in the early years and I always looked forward to you coming back on the air again with us, but life got in the way.

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We had so many laughs and so many good times. You were the king of those webcams and live streams long before anyone on the internet even knew what a YouTube or Twitch was hahhaha You pioneered that shit man! I remember so many nights watching you Ustream and listening to your shows from your epic metal mancave with all the speakers, guitars and metal memorabilia all over the place. You made the listener feel like we were in that room with you hanging out. And it was always a good time! I never got to meet you in person but as much time as we used to spend in those chat rooms we might as well have been roommates. Looking back now I can't help but feel that so many things I have accomplished with MDR goes back to meeting people like you. You were an inspiration my friend! We will never forget! Thank you for all that you gave, thank you for all the chats and phone calls over the years. Thank you for always being proud of what I was doing with MDR and letting me know! I can't tell you enough how much it meant to me to know that you were proud of what we did! We couldn't have done it with you brother! And now... All I can say is them mofos in Valhalla or Heaven or wherever you may be better be ready for one hell of a party! Rage on brother rage! We love ya man! Until we meet again! My heart goes out to your kids and your family that I know are grieving beyond belief at this very moment! - Zach Moonshine

Jeffery Scott Sundholm, father of 6, has passed away suddenly due to liver failure on 4/20/22, in Spokane, WA. Our family is needing financial assistance to help put him to rest. Jeff will be cremated, but due to his unexpected passing we were unable to prepare for the cost of memorial and funeral services, as well as the cremation itself. Anything helps. Thank you so much for anything you can contribute. - Megan Rene Mullins

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