CHEMICIDE 'Common Sense" Reviewed in Metallerium! Wednesday March 30 2022, 2:54 PM
CHEMICIDE 'Common Sense" Reviewed in Metallerium!

CHEMICIDE 'Common Sense" Reviewed in Metallerium ! Check it out here at this link:

In our times and within a large base of bands that have been doing Thrash Metal for about 10 years or more, it is very difficult for a classic soundtrack and the same bars of the 80s, to receive something distinctive. Because as I said many times, traditional Heavy Metal has been stagnant for many years, power metal is in the same and within this environment, Thrash Metal continues with that feeling of the 80s and does not go beyond that old and achieved sound. So, within this environment you have the 4th album of Chemicide from Costa Rica, called "Common Sense", where the music does not go beyond what is known in the style and is not something remarkable worldwide. But will it still be able to stand out within the common denominator of Thrash Metal bands of these last 10 years?... Well, let's see...

 From the first time I heard Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and more in the 80s, because I always said the following, it is music that when you listen to it live has that impact of making you enter the pogo and feel all the sensations of their music, and today, the bands of this new era perfectly emulate this feeling. Intensity, power and high execution, which is very good in general, but hence it will be transcendental, because no, they would have to overcome the last one made by Lamb of God within the Thrash Metal of personal sound of these last years. So, Chemicide's "Common Sense", out of an impeccable execution and forceful sound, does not pass the fence of sounding to many other bands of our times with old influences, and yes, I understand that they come from a Latin country, and things are more difficult here than in another part of the world, yes. But thanks to globalization, things changed and became accessible in every way.

 With this I say the following, since you start with "Self-Destruct" and end with "It's an Action", the music is super known, you do not need to give it a second spin to know what else is under the next stone or song, and if you listen to it more times, it is because you are with excited ears, because the band perfectly portrays the intensity of Thrash Metal of the 80s, and therefore there is that nostalgic idea of reviving that force in your head. But really, here there is nothing that has not been heard in another band, and that the tupa tupa in almost all the songs, is like a watermark of this whole litter of bands for about 10 years or more. And therefore if you like it or you like it, it is more because of the idea that many years ago you were locked in 5 or 6 bands of the style, and you did not see beyond that wall for personal tastes.

 Like all these bands of resurgent styles, their zone and their modus operandi is in force, and this "Common Sense" of Chemicide belongs to that comfort zone in their fans who ask for more of the same in many aspects. But if you are one of those who already heard this style more than 30 years ago, then really, it is an idea more than what you knew, very well executed and forceful in the studio. - Metallerium

Release Date: March 15, 2022

FFO: Kreator, Dark Angel, Destruction

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Label: Ripride Records

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A few reviews are already in:
"Chemicide have taken what thrash is all about and then pushed the boundaries a little bit further, and they've succeeded, by producing an album of the highest quality." —
"brilliant songwriting and oh so many fucking riffs, and you've got a serious ball busting record of thrash glory. I love it." —
"Dropping thrash metal missiles from up high, the group cause some wide-spread devastation with these explosive hits." —
Chemicide started back in 2011 releasing their 1st EP titled Radioactive Annihilation. In April 2015 the band releases their first full length digitally through Bandcamp and shortly after is picked up by Canadian label PRC Music to release it on a CD format. 2017 the band hits the studio and comes out with The Act of Retaliation which allows the band to grab a much bigger audience and as a result 15 dates through the northeastern part of Canada. 2019 Chemicide releases their best seller to date “Inequality” selling over 3000 copies worldwide and the band goes on for a 13-date tour through Canada and Mexico. 2020 COVID-19 stopped the touring for the band, so they went back to the studio to release 2 singles; an original titled Uncertain Future and a cover of Negative Approach’s “Tied Down”. The band went back to the studio in 2021, this time to record with Juan Pablo Calvo and for the 1st time mix and master the album with Argentinian artist and producer Martín Furia, who’s the lead guitarist for German Thrash Metal legends “Destruction”.
Their newest production is titled Common Sense and brings a raw sound combined with more aggressiveness and heavier riffs. It's coming out on RIPRIDE RECORDS on March 15.
 Check this 1-minute "unboxing" video to give you an idea of how great the album looks!
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RipRide Records is a new label born from the ashes of PRC MUSIC who stopped all operations on December 31st, 2020, after 10 years, 150 releases, numerous tours, showcases etc.
RipRide is distributed worldwide via MVD AUDIO through the best distributors (PHD, CARGO, GOOD FELLOWS, SEASON OF MIST, SUBURBAN etc.) you can think of.
RipRide Record's name is a tribute to the almighty VENOM and is specializing in old school thrash, Speed and classic metal exclusively! We're looking for bands to work with!

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