Songs From Black Spirit - Avalon - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Monday January 10 2022, 11:25 AM
Songs From Black Spirit - Avalon - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

Songs From Black Spirit - Avalon - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

Some musicians just ooze charisma, it doesn’t matter where you are in your career, if you’ve got it, you’ve got it. One such person is Vitalis Kairiūkštis, the Lithuanian vocalist known for his work with heavy metal band Spicy Bits of Scandal who now steps into the world of being a solo artist with his project Songs from Black Spirit having released ‘I Am Who I Am.

                It is a bold move to release a solo album as it is, it can border on insane to release a double album as your first album, but Kairiūkštis proves that he has the balls to do this. ‘I Am…’ is a decent collection of 19 songs over two discs clocking in at under 45 minutes each that explores varying different sounds of heavy, melodic and power metal through tracks such as ‘The Wolfman’, ‘Whore of Babylon’ and ‘Avalon’ that are catchy and enjoyable. Yet, at nearly 90 minutes, listening to this album can be a tall order, much like most double albums, it is a lot to take in during one sitting and can become a bit of a slog.

                Kairiūkštis has delivered what he is good at, decent heavy metal. Yes, the production might not be the best and it could have made three shorter decent albums, but it does accomplish what it sets out to do and it will be interesting to see what Kairiūkštis does next. - Metal Digest

Release Date: Dec 13, 2021

FFO: Uriah Heep, Ronnie James Dio, Whitesnake

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

"The history of Songs From Black Spirit started in 2016. Crazy metal-head, Vitalis ‘Don Vito’ Kairiūkštis , the musician from Vilnius, Lithuania and Spicy Bits Of Scandal frontman, after several successful albums – “Gimęs laimėti” 2006, “Tik mėnulio šviesa…” 2007, “The Gambler” 2008 and “Heaven can wait…” 2013 decided to create his first solo album called 'I Am Who I Am'.

The tracks themselves are an atomic cocktail of black and white, love and hate, good and evil. And all this is enhanced by the magic of music. In addition to traditional rock music, the album also features specific folk instruments with modern sound.

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Guest musicians featured are:
Additional Lead and backing vocals – Marina Ammouri, Thomas Vikström, Ieva Vaiciukevičienė, Rimtautas Piskarskas, Amelija Jakutytė
Lead & Rhythm guitars – Giedrius “Jumbo” Balčiūnas, Sergej Mavrin, Kostas Balčiūnas, Barish Kepic, Robertas Semeniukas, Enrikas Slavinskis, Tomas Varnagiris
Bass – Dino Fiorenza, Darotas Beržinis, Gintautas Litinskas, Leonid Shinkarenko, Andriejus Daugirdas, Mads Mølbæk, Martynas „Meška“ Garbačas, Bernt Jansen, Giovanni Sena
Keyboards – Maestro Mistheria, Gabriele Gabriels Crisafulli, Joakim “Mohican Joe” Roberg, Rodrigo Boechat, Aistė Trakšelytė, Robertas Slavėnas, Jorris Guilbaud, Bob Katsionis, Lauri Muttilainen, Jari Pailamo
Drums – Mark Cross, Šarūnas Venckus, Fausta Šukytė, Ilja Molodcov, Salvatore Giordano, Lars Borup, Aleksandr Dvorakovskij
Bagpipe – Laimonas Staškūnas
Horn-pipe – Artūras “Shilas” Šileikis
Kanklės – Irma Asinavičienė & Lijana Venslovienė
Duduk & Special effects – Ramūnas Jasutis

I Am Who I Am | Released May 26th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
CD 1: 01. Saecula Obscura | 02. Love Is Blind | 03. Avalon | 04. Memories | 05. Time | 06. The Wolfman | 07. My Devotion | 08. Attack!!! | 09. Fire And Water | 10. Only Ashes
CD 2: 01. My Way Home | 02. Please Come Back | 03. World Is Turning | 04. Naked In The Rain | 05. Paranoia | 06. Whore Of Babylon | 07. Chasing Starlight | 08. My life My My Destiny | 09. Queen Of The Lies

Produced by Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis and Giedrius “Jumbo” Balčiūnas
All lyrics and 100% ideas of music by Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis

Songs From Black Spirit is:
Vitalis “Don Vito” Kairiūkštis – All Lead and Backing Vocals
Plus numerous guests – Other Instruments

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