Thunder Rising - Back To The Time Of Rock - Reviewed By Dr. Rainer Kerber! Tuesday March 22 2022, 7:01 PM
Thunder Rising - Back To The Time Of Rock - Reviewed By Dr. Rainer Kerber!

Thunder Rising - Back To The Time Of Rock - Reviewed By Dr. Rainer Kerber ! Check it out here at this link:

Thunder Rising is the brainchild of guitarist Frank Caruso (Firehouse, Arachnes, Vivaldi Metal Project). The band / project delivered several albums / EPs in the past, on which a technically perfect hard rock sound can be heard. With "Back To The Time Of Rock" the Italians start again a journey back in time to the times of 70s/80s heavy metal. This promises a lot of music enjoyment.

Thunder-Rising-to-release-Back-to-the-Time-of-Rock-768x534With the mid-tempo rocker "Fate Train" the journey through time starts into the high phase of rock. A great guitar solo completes the song. In "Black Tiger", the Italians are stepping up the pace. A little NWoBHM feeling resonates here. It gets really nice heavy metal with "Scratch On The Hood". Of course, heavy metal / hard rock also includes the contemplative ballad. These can be found at "I'm Still Alive". Would you like Hammond Organ Sounds? Then you can enjoy "Timeless Blues". Nomen est omen. Brilliant blues rock. This is followed by large stadium rock. "Rock From The Sky" is one of the highlights of the album for me. "Don't Be Shy" sails in epic doom climes. "Nameless" is an instrumental piece. Here the musicians give free rein to their playing instinct. As a short interlude, this would have been OK, but over the playing time of five and a half minutes the tension on the album can not be maintained. Probably the weakest song. The rocker "Escape From You" is better by classes. Why this is an extended version, however, is not clear to me. With "Labyrinth Of Spectre" another highlight follows. Here I am strongly reminded of the good old Deep Purple. Especially thanks to the competition of Hammond organ and guitar (Lord vs. Blackmore sends greetings). And once again "Nameless", this time with the addition "Part II". Also not better than the first part, but fortunately shorter. As a bonus for the CD there is also "Stairs To The Top" to hear. Once again great stadium rock.

"Back To The Time Of Rock" usually takes the listener back to the best years of hard rock. However, I can't understand what the master was thinking about the two instrumentals. Better would be these two out, but the bonus as a fixed song packed on the album. But unfortunately there is a massive point deduction from me. The other ten songs didn't really deserve that. - Dr. Rainer Kerber

Release Date: March 4th, 2022

FFO: Firehouse, Arachnes, Vivaldi Metal Project

Location: Italy

Music for the Masses is proud to announce the agreement with RTI Mediaset for the cd release of the new album by Thunder Rising, featuring well known guitarist Frank Caruso, out on March 4th, 2022, entitled
(In Japan Release date 31 March)

Born from the mind of the Italian guitarist Frank Caruso , known for his numerous projects such as Firehouse , Arachnes and Vivaldi Metal Project above all, superband Thunder Rising is back on the record market with a brand-new album called “Back to the time of Rock”, the Band’s latest studio effort. A rocky, melodic sound, hypertechnical and exquisitely hard rocking: this is Thunder Rising, which since their debut (featuring Mark Boals) on, have always pursued a musical dimension of their own, growing it step after step. “ Back To The Time Of Rock ”, out on March 4th, 2022, will be their first to be released by Music For The Masses . Twelve extraordinary tracks, a real time travel towards the re-discovery of sounds from the past but in a modern key, capable of striking and fascinating any listener. In addition, we’d like to point out a Bonus Track which will only be featured on the cd version and not in the Digital stores: “ Stairs to the top ”. The Band is currently shooting the Videoclip of the first single “ FATE TRAIN ” to be released in the forthcoming weeks.

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ENZO  CARUSO – Keyboards , Backing Vocals

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