King Gorm release new single "Beyond Black Rainbow" Sunday May 24 2020, 10:24 PM
King Gorm release new single "Beyond Black Rainbow"

San Diego throwback rockers KING GORM have just released their new single "Beyond Black Rainbow" via their Bandcamp. The song is recommended for fans of Rainbow and Deep Purple.

Listen to the song here:

Track listing:

2. Freedom Calls

3. Four Heroes

4. Irondale Burning

5. Song From Brighter Days

6. Beyond Black Rainbow

7. The Witch of Irondale

8. Slaughter the King

9. Ultimate Reality


Francis Roberts - electric guitar, vocals, music & lyrics (Old Man Wizard, ex-Dread Crew of Oddwood)

Erich Beckmann - bass guitar (Kirby’s Dream Band, Grim Luck)

Dylan Marks - drums, percussion, vocals (Beekeeper, Fermentor)

Saki Chan - Hammond organ, ARP Odyssey, mellotron, vocals 

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