Canadian Bestial Death Metal Horde Set To Unleash Inhumanly Horrific Debut LP - Track Premiered By No Clean Singing. Monday September 28 2020, 7:22 PM
Canadian Bestial Death Metal Horde Set To Unleash Inhumanly Horrific Debut LP - Track Premiered By No Clean Singing.

We’re honored to introduce you  “The Tides of Blood” , the debut LP by Vancouver BC-based horrendous death metal deformity  Ceremonial Bloodbath , a band set to push death metal to the most horrifying outer limits of unspeakable aural repulsiveness.

No Clean Singing  has given the first introduction to this complete sonic abomination with an exclusive unveiling of the track  “Primitive” , stating that  “the album is startling in the degree to which it plumbs the toxic depths of death metal darkness and dementia, and in its ability to discharge sonic sickness and chaos with such fiendishly ingenious calculation and such cleverly sadistic flourishes.“  - you can read the awesome full article and stream the track  HERE .

“The Tides of Blood”  is a long awaited and highly anticipated debut full length album of abhorrent and malformed dark death metal twilight and of complete sonic torment emanating from a place of utter wretchedness and abandon. With its members coming from established VC BC bands like  Scum Division Cult Nightfucker Encoffinate Radioactive Vomit Grave Infestation Mass Grave Temple of Abandonment  and  Deathwinds , Ceremonial Bloodbath is an unholy coalition of some of Vancouver BC's most established and experienced musicians, who have come together to forge the most darkened, demented and hideous strain of bastard death metal they could fathom, taking cues from bands like  Blasphemy Sarcófago Mystifier Beherit Archgoat Vassafor Mortician Deicide  etc. and blurring the sum of their influences into a sonic monstrosity devoid of any sanity or shape. Both extremely primitive and regressed, but highly unpredictable and experimental, Ceremonial Bloodbath's death metal is a place in which reference points and familiarity are nihl and set against the odds of complete insanity and chaos. With its barbaric riffs twisted and bent out of shape, its schizoid leads and diseased atmospheres, and an execution delivered with complete barbarism and deformity, Ceremonial Bloodbath have created one of the most inverted, hallucinogenic, crepuscular, and inhuman death metal absurdities that you will hear all year. 

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