Never Elected Announce New Drummer And Talk About Their Upcoming Album - Featured At Dequeruza! Wednesday March 16 2022, 10:59 PM
Never Elected Announce New Drummer And Talk About Their Upcoming Album - Featured At Dequeruza!

Never Elected Announce New Drummer And Talk About Their Upcoming Album - Featured At Dequeruza ! Check it out here at this link:

Never Elected announce new drummer and talk about their upcoming album!

Washington DC based Never Elected announce their newest band member, Wesley Meyer, on drums.
Wesley has been playing shows for nearly a decade, drumming across genres like jazz, Motown, and rock. His resume includes the likes of J. Cline and the Recliners (a soul and roots rock band that has been playing in the DC area since the 80s), George Mason University’s Green Machine, and a variety of cover bands, including NOVA 6, and The Oz Revue.

Wesley met Sujit Kumar (vocalist), while playing together in a one-off project, opening for Billy Idol at the Anthem in November 2021. After the aforementioned show, Sujit asked Wesley if he’d like to be a part of Never Elected as a full-time member. A couple of jams later, everyone realized that it was a great fit.
Riding high from the attention they’ve received from their last few music videos during the pandemic, Never Elected are now working on completing the writing for a new album.  The band expects to hit the studio this summer.

Sujit Kumar says “We can’t wait to get back into the studio and put this album out! We’ve been playing some of these songs live now for some time, and they’re always so well-received. The response really gives us the drive to hit the studio and release a new album. We’ll once again be recording with Farhad “Zink” Hossain at Zinkferd Studio in Virginia, and then head to Matty Pellets at Studio 9 in Montreal, for the mixing and mastering.”
Guitarist, Altan Aydin adds, “We are thrilled to have Wesley join us. He has been able to add some great new perspective to some of our material in such a short span of time. The timing of him coming aboard was just perfect.”

The yet to be titled album is slated to have 10 songs, with a possible bonus track. The new material covers topics ranging from sociopolitical issues, mental health, and personal stories. It will be an honest reflection of the current state of the band. From the few songs that we’ve already heard live, the new album is surely one to look forward to.

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Never Elected is
Sujit Kumar : Vocals
Altan Aydin: Guitars
Dr T : Bass
Wesley Meyer : Drums

FFO: Soundgarden, STP, Foo Fighters

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