JORDABLOD set release date for IRON BONEHEAD debut, reveal first track! Thursday March 16 2017, 8:14 PM
JORDABLOD set release date for IRON BONEHEAD debut, reveal first track!

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets May 26th as the international release date for the debut album of a bold 'n' brilliant newcomer, Jordablod's Upon My Creation Pyre. Jordablod descends from southern Sweden and took shape in the year of 2015 - thereby, a relatively new name for most. The trio's musical output is a product of assembling the finest fragments of music and noise from all corners of the world, resulting in a grand diversity, but always maintaining the deepest awe for the core elements of black metal and death metal in its thematic and lyrical aspects.

Their fully formed debut album, Upon My Cremation Pyre is the first proper manifestation by Jordablod, and is a work written in fire and ash, delivered with innermost devotion and passion. It is the documentation of a journey through mystical experience, from the initial touch by the divine, through ritual and meditations, to the the ultimate initiation that is the cremation pyre. The death of the flesh but the liberation of the spirit: here, Jordablod find resolution and wisdom.

Across seven songs in 54 minutes, Upon My Cremation Pyre is a both a documentation and an evocation: a documentation of a spectacular journey to the darkness of the earth and the shadow of man, and an evocation to the deities lurking in the stillness of human consciousness. Beyond-the-shade black metal and cosmic death metal ripped asunder and rearranged into dazzling, impossibly ominous shapes: Jordablod have arrived, bearing the torch of illumination, and long may it burn... Feel the first flame with the aptly titled "Liberator of Eden" at Iron Bonehead's Soundcloud

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