The devastating aftermath of February 2022 Tuesday March 1 2022, 12:41 PM
The devastating aftermath of February 2022

As we "march" into another metal month of March, we look back at the devastating aftermath that is February 2022! MDR has now reached 7,006,031 total views! Last month alone we had a punishing 133,104 views in our blog! Our in-house radio stream reached 58,892 head banging streams! I know you guys probably get sick of me posting these stats but damn man, this just blows my mind every time. That is a whole shit load of ridiculous coverage for these underground bands we promote!!! Thank you to all the magazines, blog sites, record labels, promoters, bands, listeners, DJ's, podcasters and radio stations in our network that help promote the underground, you all rule! Metal Devastation PR Metal Devastation Radio Link in comments.

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