LC Comunicazione is pleased to present “DESDEMONA”, the new album by the band ROSSOMETILE, Sunday May 24 2020, 12:05 PM
LC Comunicazione is pleased to present “DESDEMONA”, the new album by the band ROSSOMETILE,

Fifth record project by italian band Rossometile, DESDEMONA contains eleven tracks concerning social issues like detachment, the separation, the end of relationships - and of the earthly dimension itself - and the moment of passage, told through the creation of sophisticated and drunken musical worlds of poetry, sometimes mystical.
Their work is definitely rich of sounds that range from gothic metal to a sort of etno pop. Bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki and horns, create a sound aura that envelops the album of Celtic, therefore baroque and, in fact, Gothic references.
Particularly the use of the female voice which, embracing different styles, ranges from lyrical to modern, from polyphony to rock, reaching Kulning, a sound produced with the voice used in antiquity in Scandinavian countries to attract livestock.





Desdemona is a woman’s name that means: born under a bad star.

This songs is referred to every women who was victims of violence.



Separation and farewell: where everything ends, only death remains as a dark place where you can still meet and recognize yourself.


Hela e il corvo

Hela is a young girl and her sister has recently died. Hela does not make peace and tries to get in touch with her sister through a crow, which in the Celtic tradition is the connecting element between the living and the world of the dead.


Sole che cammini

A love that has become prison, which expresses the desire to detach oneself from what is no longer a feeling but a compulsion.


Storie d’amore e peste

The piece is inspired by a story of plague contagion narrated in the medieval novel "Narciso e Boccadoro" by Hermann Hesse. The atmosphere is Renaissance and the instruments are those typical of that era.



Love can also hurt like a rose and can sting.



It means fog. A surreal, almost mystical atmosphere that frames a voice (in kulning) lost in the wind.


Nox aracana

It is an invocation to the light that comes from darkness, hidden in a shadow. A prayer to show itself and show the way, the hope of rising again in the spirit.


Whales of the baltic Sea Orchestra

Humpback whales and sea waves are heard, bagpipes play in the wind while cetaceans gather to sing sweetly as in an orchestra lost in the cold Baltic sea.


Boia misericordioso

During an execution, the executioner unexpectedly, moved with pity in front of the convicted young man, will try to spare him, to obtain grace for him.


 Canzone del tramonto

A man hears his mother calling him but is too tired to answer. Along the way he returns as a child and the pain moves away from him, and in the room it is as if a sweet melody resounded, the song of his sunset.





Written, Arranged and produced by Rossometile

Copyright © 2020 Rossometile

All rights reserved


Ilaria Hela Bernardini: voice

Rosario Runes Reina: guitar

Pasquale Pat Murino: bass

Gennaro Rino Balletta: drums


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Tedesco in IMRecording Studio in Nocera Inferiore (SA)


Hurdy-gurdy, medieval bagpipes and tin whistle on Whales of the Baltic Sea Orchestra and Song of the Sunset played by Emilio Antonio Cozza

Bouzouki on Sun you walk played by Danilo Lupi

Drums on Whales of the Baltic Sea Orchestra played by Francesco Tedesco

Guitar solo on Nox arcana by Gianluca Quinto

Voice narrating on Sun you walk by Lucrezia Ardito

July 2019 - March 2020

Cover: Adam Andrearczyk

Artwork and booklet: Roberto Policastro



Rossometile was born in Salerno in 1996, from the union between guitarist Rosario Runes Reina and drummer Gennaro Rino Balletta, with the intention of creating new songs with "contaminated" metal sounds.

In 2004 Ultimaria was born, between alternative rock and metal, but - in the following years - there were many changes of formation that influenced the band's discography.

In fact, the second album (Terrenica) accesses a sort of progressive metal (but with pop influences); in 2012 Plusvalenze arrives, where the pop rock soul prevails, while in 2015 the public band Alchemica faces gothic metal.

In 2020 Desdemona comes out, which consecrates, thanks to the use of the symphony orchestra, the "rossometile" genre.




Group members:

Ilaria Hela Bernardini: voice

Rosario Runes Reina: guitar

Pasquale Pat Murino: bass

Gennaro Rino Balletta: drums

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