VULTURE LORD / BLACK ALTAR split - 'Deathiah Manifesto' - Reviewed By blackbloodvomitorium! Monday February 21 2022, 12:29 AM
VULTURE LORD / BLACK ALTAR split - 'Deathiah Manifesto' - Reviewed By blackbloodvomitorium!

VULTURE LORD / BLACK ALTAR split - 'Deathiah Manifesto' - Reviewed By blackbloodvomitorium ! check it out here at this link:

Let's face it, these last two years have been a bit of a crap for everyone, for the reasons we know well. But luckily there is always black metal. So we give thanks to Odium Records that decides to vomit on the market a split of all respect and of a lot of thickness, which I am sure will delight the auricles of the wicked like myself, who still love this genre in its most primitive form. The protagonists of this split are two bands that have a not indifferent history behind them. The Polish Black Altar have been around since 1996, while the Norwegian Vulture Lord have been haunting the scene since 1995.

So, just to be clear, we are not faced with bands of wannabes or peas who paint their faces playing who is the baddest. Black Altar give us only two tracks, since the other two are an intro and an outro. Ok, they are a small number (it is still a split) but they are of considerable caliber. Classic black metal that more classic you can't, made of blast beats and glacial riffing, accompanied by caustic and vocals like never before.

Too many clichés? Well, who cares. Those who want similar innovations and amenities should also sit at the door. Also because the Poles know how to do great, it is clear that they are not a novice band and that they perfectly master the genre. They also manage, despite everything, to have a good taste for melodies and atmospheres, characteristics, these, far from obvious.

Vulture Lord, which we hosted on our virtual pages on the occasion of the release of the recent "Desecration Rite", instead are dedicated to a black metal mongashed with thrash, all seasoned with a dose of ignorance not indifferent, which is always more than pleasure. The Norwegians are authors of three songs plus an outro representing their musical manifesto, which these four ceffi slam in your face without any hesitation. As already mentioned above, thrasheggiante black metal of excellent workmanship, in Aura Noir style, designed to do one thing and only one: raise the horns to the sky and headbang as if there were no tomorrow. The song structures are simple, but effective and exude "fuck off attitude" and gratuitous nastiness from every single note.

Ignorance in spades and black thrash metal fast and ruthless. Tell me what more you could ask for. Split in my opinion more than successful, then. Groups of absolute caliber and quality music, which will delight every self-respecting blackster. Obviously it's nothing transcendental or miraculous, but at some point that's okay too. Such productions are welcome. We need it. - blackbloodvomitorium

Release Date: Feb 18, 2022

FFO: Carpathian Forest, Marduk, KRIEGSGOTT 

Location: London, Norway 

Odium Records are proud to announce a new split release from two of the supreme forces in black metal, Vulture Lord and Black Altar , entitled Deathiah Manifesto . Featuring eight songs, including intros created by Ludo 'Evil' Lejeune , the album will be released on vinyl and Digi-pack CD this October . One of the Vulture Lord tracks features vocals recorded by the dearly departed Trondr Nefas , who left this world in 2012, while the Black Altar tracks feature performances from musicians known for their work with Vader , Mork and Enshadowed . The stunning cover artwork has been created by Jenglot Hitam ( Abigail, Impiety, Sabbat etc.) and the whole package is an unmissable expression of infernal hate!

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The split was released as a Digi pack in the shape of inverted cross and as regular black and die-hard version in March. Split contains 8 songs, including intros done by Ludo “Evil” Lejeune. One song from Vulture Lord is still with the vocals recorded by Nefas.
 Musicians of Vader , Mork and Enshadowed has taken part in Black Altar part of the split. Cover art was done by Jenglot Hitam .

Vulture Lord 's stunning comeback album, Desecration Rite is also still available from Odium Records at:

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