Elderly Couple Sued For Listening To IRON MAIDEN Too Loud Monday March 25 2019, 7:24 PM
Elderly Couple Sued For Listening To IRON MAIDEN Too Loud

There are things that happen only in Sweden. History goes that an elderly couple of 81 and 71 years old, who lived in a calm and tranquil neighborhood of Stockholm, was sued due to their very loud audience of Iron Maiden . According to the page   Aftonbladet , the couple was taking a revenge on a new couple that moved to their neighborhood by listening to Iron Maiden the loud as possible – smart choice, isn’t it?

Neighbors tell that the issues started in october when the neighbors arrived. It seems that their sexual life was too loud to the elders to couple – hum, can you imagine that? It seems that all fuzz took all night long after midnight to the dawn – nah, that’s a Priest song. so, the elders had the ingenious idea of taking revenge making more noise using which band? If you responded Iron Maiden you are right –  don’t ask me why Iron Maiden , the swed report doesn’t say.

The police was called and had to force their entrance to the house in the very minute of “Afraid To Shoot Strangers” – aren’t there coincidences? The officers found an unbelievable sound system turned to the couple’s residence – ah, the sweet flavor of revenge.

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