BUNKER 66 and HELLCRASH to release new split 7" via DYING VICTIMS, reveal first track Tuesday February 15 2022, 6:34 PM
BUNKER 66 and HELLCRASH to release new split 7" via DYING VICTIMS, reveal first track

On March 25th internationally,   Dying Victims Productions  will release  Hell & Sulphur , a special split 7” between   Bunker 66   and   Hellcrash . And today,   Deaf Forever   magazine's website   reveals  Bunker 66 's new track  "Pandemonial Storms."  Hear  Bunker 66 's "Pandemonial Storms" in its entirety exclusively  HERE .

Highlighting two of Italy’s filthiest metal entities,   Hell & Sulphur   features an exclusive track each from   Bunker 66  and   Hellcrash , both of whom delivered full-lengths for   Dying Victims  last year.   Bunker 66  are up first with “Pandemonial Storms,” which sounds exactly like how it’s titled. Their long-awaited   Beyond the Help of Prayers   proved that there was still disgusting gasoline still left in their tank after nearly 15 years, and “Pandemonial Storms” punctuates that fact with Hellhammering, headbanging authority.

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Hellcrash  continue that hammering with the more Venomous “Hell Breaks Loose,” indeed breaking loose with an apocalyptic speed metal pulse. Road warriors to the bitter end, their   Krvcifix Invertör   was lawless in every right way, and “Hell Breaks Loose” displays that all further laws will be broken – with a superlative “fuck off and die in Hell!” as it does at record’s end. This is fucking   Hell & Sulphur !

In the meantime, hear  Bunker 66 's brand-new track "Pandemonial Storms" exclusively  HERE courtesy of  Deaf Forever , Germany's defenders of the true.   Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for  Hell & Sulphur
1. Bunker 66 - Pandemonial Storms
2. Hellcrash - Hell Breaks Loose


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