From The Abyss - Chaos Supremacy - Reviewed By All Around Metal! Wednesday February 9 2022, 12:17 PM
From The Abyss - Chaos Supremacy - Reviewed By All Around Metal!

From The Abyss - Chaos Supremacy - Reviewed By All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link:

Released in April 2021, "Chaos Supremacy" is the third studio album by the Cubans From the Abyss, a power-trio from Havana dedicated to a Death Metal strongly inspired primarily by the couple Bloodbath (honored with the final cover of "Mock the Cross") and Cannibal Corpse and, more generally, by a whole interesting mix between Swedish school (Dismember, Grave, Entombed) and American school (Incantation, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal). Reading the info we notice how From the Abyss are punctual as a clock, releasing a new work exactly two years after the previous one; recovering something from YouTube of the two predecessors, we also see how the Cuban band is linear in its proposal: a Death Metal that will not shine at all for originality, will not make you cry out for a miracle, but at the same time it is definitely well executed. Ours retrace to the letter the stylistic features dictated by the groups mentioned above, compensating for the lack of originality with a visceral attitude that allows them to put on the plate ten songs that let themselves be heard, thanks to a river full of granite riffs and the more than satisfactory growl of Jorge García. In addition to the two singles launched - the opening track "Beyond Horror" and "Your Master" - to be noted are also "Death Always Prevails" and "My Doom", in addition to the delicious revival of a Bloodbath classic such as "Mock the Cross". "Chaos Supremacy" is an album aimed at obsessive lovers of Death Metal: as we said it will hardly be a work that will ever scream for a miracle, but fans of the genre will be able with this third effort of From the Abyss to make an interesting addition to their collection. - All Around Metal

From The Abyss
Country: Cuba
Album Title: Chaos Supremacy
Format: Audio CD
Date of Release: 30/04/21
Label: Vrykoblast Production

The band From The Abyss was formed in 2015, in Havana, Cuba, with the intention of making a heavy and solid sound, along the lines of the old school of death metal. The group has been working on the promotion of the new album Chaos Supremacy, which will be released in April by Vrykoblast Productions. The album cover is courtesy of Alex (Stench Art), illustrated and colored by Azmi Aztragartorgth, and the inner design of the booklet is signed by Nyoman Sastrawan of Sadistic Records. "Chaos Supremacy" is the band's second album and will be released on April 30, 2021, in CD format, via Vrykoblast Productions, and will feature 10 tracks, in addition to a cover by the Swedish death metal band Bloodbath.

FFO: Morbid Angel, Incantation, Bloodbath


Founded 2015

from abyss.png

Band Lineup:

Ariel Bustamante (Drums)

Lazaro Rabelo (Bass)

Jorge Garcia (vox & Guitars)

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