1945 - 'Heavy Metal is Not For Sale' - Reviewed By Hard Music Base! Wednesday February 9 2022, 11:34 AM
1945 - 'Heavy Metal is Not For Sale' - Reviewed By Hard Music Base!

1945 - 'Heavy Metal is Not For Sale' - Reviewed By Hard Music Base ! Check it out here at this link: https://hardmusicbase.cz/index.php?stranka=recenze_vypis&id=90714&m=1

What do 1945 have in common with 2021 and the eighties of the last millennium? In 1945, the largest relocation of scrap iron in the history of mankind was completed. In the eighties, under the noise of electric guitars, there was a massive revival of the world's scrap iron not only in the form of tank divisions or battleships, but also medieval weapons and chains of all torture chambers. Well, in 2021, the legacy of steel is still alive, although it may have already seemed to trenders that a heavy metal fat Japanese woman sang sajonara. And thanks to the Spanish band, which put the important year 1945 in its name for humanity and released its rightful debut "Heavy Metal Is Not For Sale" in 2021, heavy metal is just there. So, who is afraid of the retro, so he must not go to the heavy metal forest. Or rather, heavy retro does not exist as such. It's just that heavy metal shouldn't be used to describe what heavy metal isn't. If an album has a tank on the front cover, or as in this case, its three-barrel hybrid, I expect the music to be as hard as the armor of an iron colossus and to sound invasive, just as it sounds on this debut album. How many times do I have the impression that heavy metal albums display tanks made of paper cardboard, the functionality of which is stopped by the poop of the dove of peace. The statement that the eighties have not been written for a long time and that the current heavy metal is located somewhere else in terms of development seems to me to be silly. Heavy metal remains heavy metal despite commercial adversity. The band 1945 seemed to develop the offensive punch that Metal Church and Exciter took in the mid-eighties. A vigorous heavy engraving seems to tear tufts of grass from the soft bedrock, like the tracks of a tank as it turns on the spot, to set off towards the lightning war in the Speed Thrash Drip of Living Death, with insidious changes in the direction of the primordial Megadeth. The rhythmic rate of fire is sometimes so high that the 1945 colossus has to slow down a lot to replenish ammunition so that it doesn't look like a Sunday family trip without fireworks, although acoustic passages might tempt it. But it's just a preparation for the next unromantic production of scorched earth. The band attacks hard through the middle, but does not keep their wings exposed so as not to get encircled by boredom and with joy over the heavy grating they send out fiery guitar solos. A commander, a spokesman for the unit, an agitator, a politruk or anything else that embodies a singer is exactly what made a metal singer in the eighties a metal singer and not a declamator or just a bored interpreter of an artistically conceived anthem. Sympathetically crunched vocal, often pulled to the scream, is the right attack on the time-tested ear canals. In the form that the Spanish band of 1945 is doing, heavy metal is not entitled to die. And by the way. It seems to me that in Spain heavy metal is experiencing a kind of renaissance. For 2021, this album is not the only successful affair of this genre from the Iberian Peninsula, surpassing even the last albums of heavy metal icons. And since the album "Heavy Metal Is Not For Sale" is the debut album, I call the band 1945 three times fame. - Hard Music Base

Release Date: December 17th, 2021

FFO: Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica, Testament

Location: Salamanca/ Spain

Formed in the spring of 2016 (Salamanca/ Spain), 1945 is the result of the union of 5 experienced musicians from other bands (K-OS, Evil Rise, Sarah Evil.) They wield an eclectic, vigorous mix of metal styles, full of strength and speed.

Their first EP (ACT I) was released past 2018 getting very good reviews from the specialized media.

After a mini tour around Spain and the UK, a pandemic, and line-up changes 1945 releases his full album "Heavy Metal is not for sale" 11 songs pure Heavy Metal made in Hell.

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I. Last Battle

II. Heavy Metal is not for sale

III. No Love

IV.  Our Home

V. From Hell (& Heaven)

VI. The perfect final

VII. Talk

VIII. Horses of apocalypse

IX. Black Rose

X. Lost Dream

XI. Ace of Spades (Motorhead Cover)

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- Sheyla Sergio: voz

- Javier Rubio: Bajo

- Gorka RC: Guitarras

- Diego González: Guitarras

- Jose Angel koko: batería


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