Out Now! Rockshots Records - Neo-Classical Power Metal SARTORI Debut Album "Dragon's Fire" Sunday January 30 2022, 10:57 AM
Out Now! Rockshots Records - Neo-Classical Power Metal SARTORI Debut Album "Dragon's Fire"

Out now as of January 28th, Rockshots Records release the debut album from SARTORI entitled "Dragon's Fire". The epic full length is nine tracks of neo-classical power metal that are melodic, technical, and progressive. Led by main composer and guitarist Andy Sartori, with vocalist Scott Board, drummer Dino Castano and bassist Rod Viquez, the band sets the mood for something more than just singing over music.

With grandiose instrumentals and heroic vocals, Sartori creates complex, melodic tunes that command attention. They are heavily influenced by classical baroque music, so the band stands as the symphony behind Andy Sartori as the ‘maestro’. What sets these guys apart from other bands is their music composition. Andy Sartori explains further:

​“We use a lot of arrangements that you won’t find any other bands doing. Lots of vocals, lots of guitar quartets, duets, and harmony arrangements. My writing is based on positive vibes, positive lyric content, no criticism, no anger, and I write sometimes about spiritual content in the matter of being a better human and about life experiences, personal and in general along with influence from movies and stories I enjoy... sometimes."

"Dragon's Fire" is available at the following links:

CD - https://bit.ly/DragonsFire_CD
Digital - https://bfan.link/Sartori-Dragon-s-fire
Lyric Video - Devil in Disguise - https://youtu.be/Mo6Nxqhh8_U​

Band Line Up:
- Andy A Sartori: Guitars
- Scott Board: Vocals
- Rod Viquez: Bass
- Dino Castano: Drums

Track Listing:
1. Evil Hearts (3:02)
2. One Distant Heart (3:57)
3. From Hell To Heaven (4:10)
4. Little Aria In G Major (Instrumental) (0:37)
5. Devil In Disguise (3:54)
6. Through The Eyes of My Soul (3:48)
7. Castles of Lost Souls (Instrumental) (4:18)
8. Battles In The Distant Lands (3:42)
9. Dragon's Fire (2:57)
Album Length: 30:30

Album Credits:
- Mixed and engineered by Joe Demaio at Shorefire Recording Studios, Long Branch, NJ
- Drums Recorded and Mixed by Giuseppe Di Giola and Dino Castano at Valentino Recording Studios, Puglia - Italy
- Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studio 301, Sidney - Australia.
- Art Cover by Antonella Troiano.
- All songs composed and written by Andy A. Sartori in cooperation with Dino Castano, Scott Board and Rod Viquez
- Produced by Andy A. Sartori.
- 2007/2021 All Rights Reserved.

​Quick Fact:​
Leadman, Andy Anderson Sartori was born in Brazil with Italian roots and has lived all over the globe, including London and now the United States. His sound is universal and has recorded music from England to Brazil. Andy Sartori's music is also very popular in Japan. His biggest influence is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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