Listen to the latest album from rural heavy metal band Vade Aratro! Tuesday January 4 2022, 6:06 PM
Listen to the latest album from rural heavy metal band Vade Aratro!

We hereby introduce you to the latest album of Vade Aratro, pioneers of Rural Heavy Metal made in Bologna.

With their third album, they decided to go big: a massive double vinyl that has the flavor of a sure,
clear, mature and full mission statement.
All aspects of their sound are represented in this monumental collection of twenty-two songs, each of which tells a story, a small world that needed to be shared.
Highs and lows, simplicity and complexity, small and big: all elements restlessly chase each other, with extreme outbursts and acoustic moments, dragging you in a kaleidoscope of emotions with a sincerity you are no longer used to.
Isolated from the frenetic metropolitan civilization, Vade Aratro remains the witness of a way of life and the perspective that belongs to us more than we are willing to admit.

Available for digital streaming on all platforms from September and in double 180-gram LP (500
numbered copies) with a large 16-pages color booklet, a sticker with the group’s logo and, only for the first 50 copies, a unique hand-made graphic work by Marcello Magoni.


“LA FESTA DEL GRANO" (“The wheat festival”)

“LA NAVE DEI MORTI” (“The ship of the dead”)

“HO SOGNATO UN BARBAGIANNI” (“I dreamed of a barn owl”)

“SANT’ANTONIO DEL PORCELLO” (“Saint Antonio and the pig”)

“POPULUS” (“Poplar”)


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