New Music: Undergang - Aldrig i livet - Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records Release: 4 December 2020 Saturday October 24 2020, 12:00 AM
New Music: Undergang - Aldrig i livet - Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records Release: 4 December 2020

From the sewers of Copenhagen emerge UNDERGANG! The filthy bastards in UNDERGANG are preparing to unleash their fifth full-length album of sewer death metal, Aldrig i livet.

The first taste of Aldrig i livet comes with the official music video for album track "Menneskeæder." Watch the video at this location.

Aldrig i livet will be out on Dark Descent Records/Me Saco Un Ojo Records December 4 on digital, CD, cassette and vinyl. Pre-order the album at

Since 2008, Denmark’s UNDERGANG have been pursuing the deepest, darkest depths of total DEATH METAL. Steeped in the classics, the quartet aren’t so much “old school” like so many HM-2 worshippers nowadays as they are simply old-sounding, brazenly brandishing a sound that nods to early Finnish death metal, slimy doom-death as equally as timeless goregrind. It’s a sound that’s garnered the band a legion of devotees across the world, and justifiably so.

And while it’s been three interminably long years since their last album, Misantropologi, at long last do UNDERGANG arrive with their long-awaited fifth full-length: Aldrig i livet. Simply put, this is UNDERGANG at their very best, subtly striving for new twists on their characteristic sound whilst making that sound more engaging than ever before. Graced with utterly crushing production, Aldrig i livet is undoubtedly the band’s most ominous record to date, rooting among the ruins of the most desolate DOOM-death committed to tape and warping that wreckage with slithering solos that seem to creep like tendrils across an inter-dimensional portal. It’s a sick and sickening slog through the sewers of the subconscious – forecasted by the cover art, once again courtesy of vocalist/guitarist David Mikkelsen – and UNDERGANG effortlessly lumber forth with a swagger that’s startling to behold. Even this many years into their celebrated catalog, the quartet show no signs of relinquishing their crown as Denmark’s premier death metal champions, and Aldrig i livet is disgusting proof. 

Cover art for Aldrig i livet by D. Torturdød. The video for Menneskeæder was filmed and edited by Martin Goltermann/Muskedonner Medier.



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Ufrivillig donation af vitale organer

Sygelige nydelser (Del 3) Emetofili

Usømmelig omgang med lig

Aldrig i livet

Rødt dødt kød

Man binder ikke et dødt menneske

A. Dødshjælp- Drums

D. Torturdød - Vocals/Guitars

Mads Haarløv - Guitars/Backing vocals

Martin Leth Andersen - Bass

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