Summoner’s Circle - Chaos Vector - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Tuesday December 21 2021, 9:01 AM
Summoner’s Circle - Chaos Vector - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

Summoner’s Circle - Chaos Vector - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

To express the cacophony that ravages one’s mind can be lost in translation to the ears that tries to decipher the alien speech that pours from the tongue of the one who slips into a state of cognitive dissonance, for in the eyes of the outsider to discern such foreign language may seem impossible for how can one express the storm with mere words, how do you paint the depth in which the abyss pulls you into?

‘Chaos Vector’ by Summoner’s Circle becomes the conduit that channels the slivers of a fractured mind where the pieces are rearranged into a mosaic of an abstract work of art. For the album strikes an equilibrium between musical complexity and the raw, unhindered emotions that festers beneath the flesh, In other words, where ‘Chaos Vector’ thrives is in its ability to manifest a stygian atmosphere with its discordant output, as the sound that is dispelled from the maw comes from a breath that reeks of despair and malice intertwined into one.

‘Of Black Horizons’, ‘Apostasy’ and ‘The Beyond’ are tracks which show the veins of this beast and the manner each one flows, for even though the ichor that courses within is derived from a lake of atrament, the way it’s current meanders differ in songs and in my opinion this showcases the beauty in which Summoner’s Circle bestows upon the listener, providing testament that one can paint a world from a sea of black.

The instrumental variables that surges through ‘Chaos Vector’ becomes the force which animates this creation, for it is the pinnacle upon the album which grants its visceral texture. At times the musical components can be likened to that of broken glass strewn upon a ground in a haphazard fashion, and you may be perplexed to why this analogy may sound a tad bit negative, but it’s quite the opposite, it is because of the unbridled playing and technical complexities that gives illusion of flesh being dragged through shards of glass in a manner that is fueled by pure potent emotion, and it is the juxtaposition of the beauty where blood glistens and gleams on the broken tips. In my opinion it is these contrasts that magnifies the vehement energy that is secreted from this entity.

Even though you can use a myriad of colors to paint that which dwells beneath, to birth the unseen into realization, without emotions, without the voices that whisper and seep into the spirit, then all that you have created is a husk with no air to fill it’s void. This is where the vocals take effect on ‘Chaos Vector’, becoming the chaos that is cemented into physical form, summoning forth the maelstrom in every verse that is sputtered, tracks such as, ‘Chaos Vector’ and ‘Vessel’ exhibits the range of the harsh register used intertwined with the instrumental variations resulting in a creation that feels as though it runs from weeping wounds, where every pulsation is amplified.

Summoner’s Circle draws from a well that has been polluted by venom and whose waters burn the tongue and sears the mind, deconstructing the experience and fashioning a melody from its remains. It is the channeling of these innate expressions through the technical notes and vocals that makes this album rather superb. - Metal Digest

L-R: Invictus (Drums), Y’takt (Bass), Hex (Keys), Blind (Lead Vocals), Gog (Lead Guitar), Azra (Guitar)
Photo Credit: Rachel Craig Media/Joshua Winstead Photography

Release Date: Aug 27, 2021

FFO: Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Immortal, Opeth, Tribulation

Summoner's Circle 's latest album “ Chaos Vector ” was conceived over two years ago, but the global turmoil slowed down its creation. Now that it is ready for release, the band couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. They are eager to share with fans their love of storytelling and cosmic horror in a concept album that vocalist Blind has been percolating since their formation in 2015. They say that they have scratched every creative itch with this record, and hope fans get the same satisfaction from it. 

Chaos Vector ” was recorded by Yanic Bercier ( Gone in April, Quo Vadis ) at Wavetransform Studios in Knoxville , USA . The album will include a Lovecraft -style cosmic horror short story written by the band where each chapter correlates to a song. This story marks a new chapter in The Lore of The Six and sets a foundation for them conceptually moving forward. 

Check out the new fan picked video:
'Go The Fuck To Sleep - Story Time with Blind'

Check out the new video for ' Apostasy '!

Check out the music video for ' Chaos Vector ' featuring Laura BD Beach from Feminazgûl !

Watch guitarist Azra play through “Chaos Vector” as featured at Gear Gods!

Check out the ' Drum Playthrough ' for ' Of Black Horizons '

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Single “Chaos Vector”:

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Track Listing:
1. The Message (1:02)
2. Of Black Horizons (4:00)
3. Vessel (7:34)
4. The Hierophants (5:17)
5. Apostasy (7:45)
6. Chaos Vector (4:05)
7. Terminus Egress (9:12)
8. Chrysalis (1:35)
9. The Beyond (7:43)
Album Length: 48:17

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"Let the Summoning Begin..."
Summoner's Circle is a six-piece theatrical metal band that blends elements of doom, death, black and progressive metal into what they refer to as simply Epic Metal.

For the band, every song in an incantation, every live performance is a Summoning, and everything they do is tied intrinsically to the mythology, or lore, they have created. The lore tells the story of the band's origins, battles of divine conquest and showcases their creativity and vision, which sets the stage for a very entertaining live performance where bigger is better, and Epic is always the standard.

The Summoners released their first EP, entitled First Summoning, in late 2015. This was followed in 2016 by the single, Become None, and its B-side, Minotaur, both of which are included on their debut full-length release entitled Tome, which was released in June of 2018.

In May of 2019, Tome was repackaged and released as Become None via the Pavement Entertainment label.

In the spring of 2019, Summoner's Circle joined Children of Bodom , Swallow the Sun and Wolfheart as part of Bodom's Hexed North American Tour , gaining many new fans and excellent reviews.

In June of 2019, the Six signed a worldwide management deal with Extreme Management Group, Inc . who also manages Suffocation , Cattle Decapitation , Misery Index and many others.

Summoner's Circle’s second full-length album Chaos Vector released in 2021 is accompanied by a Lovecraft-style cosmic horror short story written by the band. Each song is a chapter in the story. 

“Summoners' Circle have the whole package. Their songs are original and memorable, beautifully written, and hook the listener after the first listening. They have a great stage presence, and the theatricality and imagery of their live performances keep the fans talking about their experience way beyond the day of the show. I am honored to work on the production of their upcoming album.” - Yanic Bercier, Ph.D | Endorser of Yamaha Drums, Sabian, Vic Firth, Evans, AKG, RME, True-Systems, Engl, Ddrum

“Hooked the first time I saw this band play! No two shows are the same and I'm always left wanting more.  It's what music and show should be!” - Lee Abney | Pentagram/Place of Skulls

"These guys are serious about what they do and the costumes and imagery match the grandiose sound they produce." No Clean Singing

"SUMMONER'S CIRCLE's full-length debut gets near the 75-minute mark, and yet it succeeds in balancing complexity, heaviness, catchiness, mystery and melodrama to make sure its duration does not become overwhelming. an almost perfect record ...especially its flawless production and its tight, inventive songwriting." - Metal Temple

“Summoner's Circle is the kind of band you go your whole life hoping to hear and when you finally do it's even better than you expected. They are the culmination of a lifetime spent listening to music and finally finding something that fits where nothing else has. Plus, brutality aside, they're just a fantastic group of otherworldly beings.” - Josh Martin 94.3 WNFZ

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