New Promo: KONG - Traders Of Truth - (Prog Rock, Metal, Industrial) Tuesday March 28 2023, 3:26 PM
New Promo: KONG - Traders Of Truth - (Prog Rock, Metal, Industrial)

Release Date: 03.03.2023

FFO: Godflesh, Master Boot Record, Deafheaven

Location: Amsterdam

Dutch quartet KONG have been following their own path for more than 30 years, melting elements of heavy metal, progressive rock, dance and industrial.

Kong’s music is 99% instrumental and performed quadraphonically, making use of a quadraphonice sound system and having each member positioned in a different corner of the venue with the audience in the middle.

Signing with Peaceville Records, Kong debuted with Mute Poet Vocalizer (1990), and toured regularly across Europe, drawing widespread praise from in-the-know critics and building a selective but dedicated fan base. Two more albums (Phlegm, Push Comes To Shove) were released before the band moved to Roadrunner Records. The music obtained a more fluid, danceable, even lighthearted approach resulting in Earmined (1997) and Freakcontrol (1999).

In 2000 Kong took take a long break. In 2007 the band was revived with a 3/4 new line-up and started working on new material, returning to the heavier, more experimental sound of the early years. This resulted in the albums What It Seems Is What You Get (2009), Merchants Of Air (2012) and Stern (2014). Concerts were again played quadraphonically but the band also appeared on several festivals (Dynamo, Roadburn, Progpower) in a ‘normal’ one-stage setting.

In 2020 an EP entitled Phlegmatism with re-recorded songs of 1992’s Phlegm was released. In 2021 Kong started recording material for a new album which resulted in ‘Traders Of Truth’, released on 03.03.2023.

A crazy adventurous groove-heavy journey of mind blowing rock, samples, and 
general whacked-outness.”
(Rock Sound UK)
The result of the meticulous restructuring of noises into workable sound 
continues to make listening to Kong an adventure in discovery. 
Kong are one of those rare bands that prove instrumental music does not have 
to be missing a key ingredient. [...] These are highly inventive constructs of sounds 
and you never get complacent, always wondering what on earth could come next. 

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