Johnny Kelly and Dan Lorenzo form Patriarchs In Black Monday December 6 2021, 8:34 PM
Johnny Kelly and Dan Lorenzo form Patriarchs In Black

Brooklyn native Johnny Kelly and NJ guitarist Dan Lorenzo have both played in more than a handful of bands. Lorenzo was the founding member of both Hades and Non-Fiction and most recently Vessel Of Light and Cassius King. He even wrote the music with Bobby Blitz' first foray outside of Overkill in 2007 with The Cursed. Kelly first came into prominence with Type O Negative and has also sat behind the kit for Danzig for nearly two decades. Kelly has also performed with Black Label Society, A Pale Horse Name Death, and currently Quiet Riot and Silvertomb. Before now the two have never recorded anything together. "I honestly don't remember how I first got in contact with Johnny", Lorenzo stated. "I know we've had some email contact together for a while, and I remember originally being flattered that Johnny even know who I was."  Ron Lipnicki's first appearance was on the last Hades album DamNation before meeting Bobby Blitz at one of Lorenzo's Super Bowl Parties. "Ron played drums for me on the last two Vessel Of Light albums plus the first Cassius King album. Ron and I already have drums and guitars to eleven new songs for the next Cassius King album and Ron is in a bunch of bands as well, so I thought rather than overload Ron it might be fun to record with somebody else," Lorenzo continued. "I texted Bobby Blitz about the idea and Blitz texted back something along the lines of, 'Kelly would fit perfectly with your riffs'. I sent Johnny a few songs and as soon as he sent one back with his drums I knew Blitz was right. " Kelly stated, "I liked the riffs that Dan sent me and it's a great opportunity to get to play with different people." When Kelly was asked what he brings to the table for Patriarch In Black he came back with, " I'm not really sure.  I consider myself to be an average drummer at best.  It must be my charming personality!"

The duo have named this project PATRIARCHS IN BLACK. Lorenzo wrote the music and plays guitar, Kelly is behind the kit.  PATRIARCHS IN BLACK will have multiple vocalists. Karl Agell ( former COC) , Dewey Bragg ( Kill Devil Hill)  Rob Dukes ( former Exodus), Mark Morales ( Sons of Texas)  and John Kosco  ( Dropbox) have each already agreed to sing at least one song. When pressed for a description of how the music sounds Kelly said, "All roads lead to Black Sabbath!". Patriarchs In Black will release their first single Demon of Regret with Kelly, Lorenzo, Karl Agell on vocals and Dave Neabore ( Dog Eat Dog) on bass soon. 

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