Hatriot – The Guitar Anthology Now Available for Pre-Order! Tuesday November 23 2021, 7:11 PM
Hatriot – The Guitar Anthology Now Available for Pre-Order!

SubLevel Records is proud to announce the brand new Hatriot “The Guitar Anthology”, which features guitar tab and notation for 9 shredding songs from the Hatriot catalog. All songs were transcribed note for note from the original recordings by Hatriot guitarist Kosta Varvatakis and Heathen/Exodus live guitarist Kragen Lum. Learn how to play the songs exactly as the band plays them with these 100% accurate transcriptions! Presented in 2 guitar format so you can learn to play every riff and solo just as Kosta and Kevin Paterson play them live! 200 pages. Print Edition.
The Deluxe Print Edition of the book also includes an exclusive Hatriot guitar pick and 2 sided bookmark set plus a Digital Copy of the book in PDF format. The Deluxe Print Edition is only available through SubLevel Records!

Physical books shipping November 19th. Deluxe Edition digital copy and eBook available for download now!
Order your copy at https://sublevelrecords.bigcartel.com/

Songs Included:
And Your Children To Be Damned
Blood Stained Wings
Carnival Of Execution
Ethereal Nightmare
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
From My Cold Dead Hands
One Less Hell
Organic Remains
Your Worst Enemy
SubLevel Records
Every rhythm, every solo, ever note…
The best guitar books on the planet!

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