PREDICTOR (Germany): new promo materials from IRON BONEHEAD Thursday October 14 2021, 7:16 PM
PREDICTOR (Germany): new promo materials from IRON BONEHEAD

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, in conspiracy with Knekelput Recordings, is proud to present PREDICTOR's striking debut EP, ...thus spoke death, on CD and cassette tape formats.

Hailing from Germany and formed in 2019, PREDICTOR are a duo of drummer Cryptic Tormentor (BAXAXAXA, Ungod) and vocalist/guitarist Lord Noctifer. While brand-new in name, PREDICTOR are most definitely OLD in their style of black metal. They proved as much with their Demo 2020 and prove it yet further with the five-song/20-minute ...thus spoke death.

Dead-matter riffs and coffin-closed atmosphere mark this recording, with bouts of hysteric violence exploding with little to no warning. Otherwise, the duo are content to hammer away hypnotically, keeping the attack loose and ghoulish. References to be made include '80s Mayhem, early Kat, old Samael, and demo-days Behemoth - in other words, ANCIENT and untrendy. Those who know will know by the closing cover of Besatt's "Ave Master Lucifer"...

...thus spoke death, and out comes PREDICTOR!


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