Gemma - Self Titled - Reviewed At Rockportaal! Wednesday November 17 2021, 8:40 PM
Gemma - Self Titled - Reviewed At Rockportaal!

Gemma - Self Titled - Reviewed At Rockportaal ! Check it out here at this link:

Gemma, from Crete, combines progressive post-rock with electronics. At first glance, the music does not sound innovative, but the Greeks know how to combine it with traditional songs from Crete. The own songs also have the same traditional atmosphere. The fact that the singing is sung in one's own dialect provides an extra dimension. The fact that danili Evangelia's voice sounds melodiously floaty and powerful at the same time ensures that Gemma has a beautiful face of her own. The distinct approach also provides a refreshing mix of traditional but also contemporary rhythms. Also quiet moments are not missing. For example, listen to the melancholic Dentro,the almost instrumental Stigmi and the traditional and quietly constructed Petalouda. During those songs it is clear that Gemma is also interesting for people who are more into traditional music. This time the music is brought by electronic instruments. The live version of Mpelos shows that Gemma also knows how to bring to the stage what the band records in the studio. Class. The only downside is the somewhat safe production. As a result, the plate lingers a little too much in the same segment. A little more bandwidth that, for example, gave the drums or electric guitar a bit more space would have made the record a bit more lively. However, the fact remains that the band has managed to produce an interesting record full of beautiful music. - Rockportaal

Release Date: Jun 1, 2021

FFO: Dead Can Dance, The Fog Ensemble, Sleeping Pillow, Archive, Mogwai, Pavlos Pavlidis

When one thinks of the island of Crete in Greece, raki and Cretan dances come first in mind. However, GEMMA band, which comes from Crete, shows us a new perspective of it. Modern sounds of electronic music, interlaced with rock and tradition.

GEMMA is also the title of their first album, released a couple of months ago. It includes 8 tracks, of which 3 are instrumental. GEMMA album is an exploration that includes elements from the tradition of their homeland assimilated into modern sounds. They create original compositions; and covers as well (such as the traditional Rizitiko "Bellos"). Electronic post-rock aesthetics, synths, loops, guitars, bass and drums. Prog & psychedelia, brainwave and traveling melodic lines, ethereal vocals that preserve the Cretan language idiom.
GEMMA is for the band a journey of emotions, images and musical landscapes, through which they express, admire and scold everything that concerns them. GEMMA, is a philosophical approach, is our way out of the Labyrinth, brought to human measure.

GEMMA consists of Danili Evangelia (voice, loops), Kaparos Giorgos (production, composition, loops, synths, guitars), Mavrogiannakis Nikos (drums), Paschidis Anastasis (bass) & Spinthourakis Apostolis (percussion, lyrics). Composition, production and mixing by George Kaparos (Tricell / @Tricell.Official), mastering Alexandros Chrysidis (Sierra Studios), lyrics by Apostolis Spinthourakis, photography and editing of the videos for the tracks Dentro & Petalouda by Alexandros Iliakis, for videos of the tracks Chronos & Stigmi, editing by George Kaparos & photography by Giannis Andritsios, photography by Eleni Psoma & Nena Nikoloudaki.
GEMMA is available on all digital platforms, as well as in physical form. The band has wonderful music videos for almost every track, so a visit to the band's You Tube channel, will pay you off. 

Turn the lights off, turn the volume up and get into the whirlpool!

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Gemma is a five-member band created in 2017, in Rethymno Crete, Greece.
They combine synth electronic sounds, with post rock elements from guitars, bass and drums, combining traditional and modern elements, effects and voice loops. As a result, they create original compositions, and also traditional song covers from their region, Crete, and from all around the country in general. They keep the Cretan dialect idiom in their lyrics and the character of the traditional melodies as well, but at the same time they create very modern melodic and rhythmic lines.
Gemma consists of Danili Evangelia (voice, loops), Kaparos Giorgos (production, composition, loops, synths, guitars), Mavrogiannakis Nikos (drums), Paschidis Anastasis (bass) & Spinthourakis Apostolis (percussion, lyrics)
Their first LP is called Gemma and was released a few months ago including 8 tracks.

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