Death Has Spoken - Call Of The Abyss - Reviewed By Metalfriends! Sunday November 14 2021, 2:12 PM
Death Has Spoken - Call Of The Abyss - Reviewed By Metalfriends!

Death Has Spoken - Call Of The Abyss - Reviewed By Metalfriends ! Check it out here at this link:

Second full-length of the Polish doomsters. Its first release dates from 2017, and now without wasting more time, "Call Of The Abyss". Prior to this, in 2020 they recorded a single called 'Downfall' and shortly before an EP entitled "Unyielding". Recurrently in their works they have introduced ideas and concepts of the disturbed American novelist Edgard Allan Poe following a fairly similar pattern, the topic that presents us 'Call Of The Abyss' is linked to the master of horror and the most sinister mythology like HP Lovecraft, it could not be a minor thing, but we are going to stop at the musical aspect of the Poles. Just listening to the first musical notes of 'Call Of The Abyss' I fell in love with its organic sound without much technical makeup, which many times the bands abuse by expelling a cold product afterwards, not here, things are quite different in that sense. The album has a perfect balance between all the instruments, ideal for the style of the band. Seven songs that walk between a range mostly preaching a Doom, and a Black in lesser presence in many passages of the sinister evening, at times reminds me of the first works of the greatest exponents of the style; Paradise Lost or My Dying In Bride, but from his first works. For its primal character and that spirit of link between melancholy united with heaviness. It has really memorable songs such as the cut that starts the album and the homonymous 'Call Of The Abyss' or 'In Vain'. Sublime and very interesting for the elements that combine, the emotion of Doom and the personal and intimate depth of the sound that consumes you in its music. There are songs where semi-acoustic guitars are used in a good way, perhaps one of the few unfavorable points of the album is the treatment of the voices at times are heard with the necessary tone, while at other times it seems to be a little forced, the rest of the capture has delighted me. An impeccable job in terms of sound. The cover also achieves the task of capturing before the viewer / listener the nostalgia and that stabbing duel that can be death and the souls that withdraw from this material side of the universe. A very interesting album for Doom Metal fans that collects all the deployment that a band can have of this route sacralized by the mystery and robustness of the riffs, the longing and serenity towards the darkness. - Metalfriends

Release Date: November 1st, 2021

FFO: early Katatonia, My Dying Bride, October Tide

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The musical project started in Poland at the beginning of 2017. Inspired by doom metal themes with influences of black and death metal. After recording their debut album „Fade”, DHS completed their line-up and became a full time band, starting to play live shows across the country. Lyrics on the album were loosely based on the novels by Edgar Allan Poe and posed a question: Is death an end or a beginning?

In 2020 band recorded a single called "Downfall" and released it together with two other doom metal bands as a split EP entitled "Unyielding". It was a preview of their upcoming music. After that the band focused on their second longplay, finished and recorded half way through 2021. The fruit of this work is 7 songs piece that is a continuation of the story contained in “Fade” with addition of H.P. Lovecraft inspired themes. “Call of the Abyss” is full of darkness, mystery, sadness and nostalgia deeply entrenched in doom/death metal of the early 90s and the second wave of black metal. It continues the journey started four years ago on the previous album.Straight to the unknown, right into calling abyss...

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Lineup :
Karol Pogorzelski - Vocal, rhythm guitar
Marcin Grygoruk - lead guitar
Maciej Chodynicki - bass
Mikołaj Kupczyński - drums

Lyrics: Karol Pogorzelski
Additional samples and synths: Marcin Grygoruk
Recorded, mixed and mastered at HiGain Studio -
Recording: Janusz Grabowski and Marcin Grygoruk
Mix and mastering: Janusz Grabowski
Cover artwork and layout: Marcin Grygoruk
Band photo: Michał Pęza
Live photos: Joanna Kowalko

Band contact and booking:

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