Metal Vocalist MEKA NISM Unveils New Single "The Day Fell" Tuesday October 12 2021, 9:41 PM
Metal Vocalist MEKA NISM Unveils New Single "The Day Fell"

Meka Nism  is a musician known for her alternative metal band, her passionate solo acoustic performances along with international and multi-dimensional collaborations.

Today, she shares  "The Day Fell" , a new single crafted from an honest moment of vulnerability in the chaos of life during the Covid pandemic. Written on piano during quarantine in the summer of 2020 while experiencing the extreme decay of all stability of "normal" life, this song is  Meka Nism 's acknowledgment of both the fear of loss and genuine gratitude for the enduring human spirit.

"It's the fragile inner reflection of the destruction, with a refusal to crumble. A welcoming of the 5th dimension and a hopeful higher perspective into our morphing reality,"  Meka states.

"The Day Fell"  is a metalhead's raw attempt at telling the truth about how we feel during these very unstable times. It may be a more gentle expression than we usually see from  Meka Nism , but it's the reason we know that she reveals truth in her songs. This recording demands attention to fully breathe it in, with gorgeous violin by Michelle Jones, guitar by Raziel, engineering by Erik Emery, mixing by Jeremy Klein, all overseen by producer/ Apex Arts Studios owner Shana Ballard and of course, written and performed on piano and vocals by  Meka Nism  herself.

Whether aggressively or delicately, there's no mistake that  Meka Nism  wants to rock the essence of our souls. Listening to  "The Day Fell"  will reach into the depths of the heart and shine some much-needed compassion into our darkest shadows.

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Meka Nism is a female Metal, Rock, Folk, New Age, J-pop Punk musician who brings the most dynamic, powerful voice & charisma to the stage bringing together extremely talented collaborators from Florida, LA, Japan & more. She plays guitar, keys & is a shaman who sees music as a powerful medicine for our soul. She works on music that spans genre & dimensions. 

2018 – The War Inside – EP
2016 – Live From the Machine Shop (Live CD)
2015 – The Shift – EP
2013 – The Dance at the End of the World – EP

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