Morbid Death Wins Battle Of The bands This Week On MDR! Saturday February 20 2021, 2:22 PM
Morbid Death Wins Battle Of The bands This Week On MDR!

Morbid Death Wins Battle Of The bands This Week On MDR! Coming in with a crushing 8,490 votes!

The band also was featured on the Headbangers Metal Reunion compilation Vol 1 in 2008 with the song "Last Breath".

At the year of 1990, Ricardo Santos and Dinis Costa got together and after recruiting Veríssimo Pereira and Pedro Rodrigues, they started the hostilities, with a band acclaimed by the majority of people, as the ex-libris of Azorean metal.

After looking for a name to the project, they decided that it should be, Morbid Death. It was given all topics, for good and many years of Heavy Metal, such as a revolution of mentality, on the beautiful Atlantic Islands of Azores.

During the next 10 years, Morbid Death had suffered mutations, with some changes of line-up, but nothing could stop the pioneers of the most alternative azorean music. With this purpose, a little was necessary to wait, that Morbid Death had achieved the status of “living legendary”, on the archipelago of Azores.Also, at that time, they were anxious to show to the rest of the world, their music. They released 2 demos, “Nomad”-1993 and “Shameless Faith”-1995. But, in 1997, they released there debut album “Echoes of Solitude”, having the particularity of being the first azorean album released professionally. It was in 1997, that the band established its line-up with Ricardo Santos (lead vocals/bass guitar), Paulo Bettencourt (guitar), Pedro Guerreiro (keyboards), Rui Frias (guitar) and Pedro Andrade (drums).

In 2000, the band unifies forces with Sea Spirit Productions, with the purpose to achieve new goals. It was necessary to rejuvenate the concept and attitude of the band, reconsidering its philosophy, in order to justify the status that was earned and most of it all, to open new barriers on the upcoming years.

In the beginning of 2002, the band allies with Recital Records to release “Secrets”- second album.

Compilation Appearances:
- "Darkest Side of Paradise" on Metal Compilation Vol. 1 Tape 1995
- "Empty Soul" on Açorock `97 Tape 1997
- "Depressed Minds" on Guardians of Metal Vol. IV Tape 1997
- "Gods of Eternity" on Promúsica 7 (Julho de 1997) CD 1997
- "Judgement Day" on High Radiation Vol. 4 CD 1999

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