Brisbane Alt-Metallers KRAVE Unveil 'Puppet' Official Music Video Tuesday September 28 2021, 8:02 PM
Brisbane Alt-Metallers KRAVE Unveil 'Puppet' Official Music Video

Brisbane Alt-Metal Trio KRAVE recently released their energetic new single 'Puppet'. In honour of their new release, KRAVE are back with an Official Music Video accompanying the aggressive riffage for this high-octane rock anthem! 

KRAVE bare it all with a clever depiction of the push and pull within one's mind when navigating a petulant inner critic. The opening shot shows Vocalist Siana Davis on her knees with marionette strings being controlled by the 'Puppet Master', which is later revealed to be the character's own malevolent inner voice. Dancing between raw angst, frustration and ultimately empowerment from breaking the cycle and taking control of ones own mental health, 'Puppet' is a chant-along stadium ready tune sure to get your fists pumping in the air!

Davis speaks on the Music Video "Puppet [Official Music Video] is a whole new level of awesome regarding its artfulness and visually compelling story. We had an incredible collaborative experience creating the vision for 'Puppet' and pouring our aesthetic ideas into an abstract, symbolic and powerfully eccentric music video! The video relays the lyrics in 'Puppet' which is about being possessed and manipulated by a strong malicious force that controls you and turns you into the deepest and most evil part of yourself. I was honoured to play the 'Puppet' and the 'Evil Puppet Master' in the video, and then Ryan (Krave guitarist) filmed and edited the entire video together and Sam (Krave drummer) directed the video and took leadership in choreographing the visual story! We are all about DIY in this band and we did this music video all by ourselves which we feel very proud of. It has a cool twist at the end too! Krave are very keen to work on many more music videos in the near future. We hope you enjoy! And you can find 'Puppet' on our upcoming EP 'Inner Asylum' out October 8th"

Following a successful release of their debut EP 'Self Exposure' which garnered the band global airplay and coverage, KRAVE are an up and coming band to keep you eyes on. Back with a brand new EP in matter of months, KRAVE are the epitome of hard working virtuosic musicians proving that even a global pandemic will not stop them!

'Puppet' is Out Now via
'Inner Asylum' is available for Physical Pre-Orders via


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